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"Los production workshop minutos"

24 january 1999

(we gonna party coz it's 1999)

present: giselda, sleonard, jcn, eric, kate!, alex, maria

Are we psyched or are we psyched about this semester?!!!

It's time to talk about amazing theatre!

AGNES OF GOD is the Downstairs Space first slot of the year - start off the new year by going to see some wonderful theatre - mark your calendars - Agnes opens Feb. 12 and runs through the 15th. And remember tix are always free!!! Check out posters that will have saturated campus by next week for showtimes.

2ND SLOT proposals have already sneaked up on us, but guys, it's a four week slot!!! Proposals are due to your very own friendly mentor Maria (x4248). Guidelines are in the Becker library, pw's SAO Box #69, and our website ( Direct your favorite show!

PS Pick up semester calendars available in the Becker Library for other slot dates.

Do you like what pw does and like working with people, wood, and posters? Apply to be on the board! Don't worry: no experience with wood and posters required. We're taking NEW MEMBERS this semester - applications are available in the becker and sao box #69. Completed application are due in the sao box by noon on February 5th. Questions? Call people person Giselda (xOREO).

THE EVENT IS APPROACHING: 2ND ANNUAL PW ARTS FESTIVAL!!! If you want to submit something, any kind of art, put it in sao box #69 by Friday, February 12th by noon. Last year the festival featured everything from dance to one-acts to live music, to photo and visual art displays, even films and performance art. When? Over the course of 8 nights - February 26th through March 6th.

New jobs: Eric - costume shop
Chris and Lucas - PO postering zone

Eric and Jesse are going to make an amazing sheet metal/plastic or wood hookable pw sign for the building!!! How cool is that!

As far as supplies:
Sleonard: Sewing machine
Jesse: curtains/tracks
Kate: fabrics for curtains/Home Depot saw and homosot


  • grants
  • Upstairs Space Clean-up day

REMEMBER: No flaking out coz we don't have any time. It's just not permitted.

Wow. We're definitely back :) -mg

PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Jesse Chan-Norris, Giselda Beaudin, Katherine Shaw, Maria Goyanes, Alex Aixala, Christopher Hayes, Thea Grant (on leave), Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).


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