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Double time: February 14th and February 21st

Present: Jesse Eric Kate Alix Sleonard Jarrett Jasmine Alex

First a SHOUT OUT to our new members - JASMINE, JARRETT, and ALIX!!! Welcome aboard!! (god, sorry for that)


8 awe-inspiring nights - February 26th through March 6th - in pw's Upstairs Space!

There's going to be bands, poetry, MEZCLA, the Village Idiots, a cabaret, plays, a gallery

Check posters for exact dates and times for each event.

4th SLOT proposals are due to March 8th - so if you're dying to direct call Kate Shaw @ x4137 and she'll happily mentor you into an amazing proposal. Show dates are April 16th through April 19th - yes, FOUR WEEKS!!! Posters (� la Alix Sobler) will be up soon.

A WEEK IN THE SPACE proposals are due to Alex A ma�ana and to the board Thursday night. The decision meeting will begin at 11 AM on Saturday, February 27th (board, COME PREPARED WITH QUESTIONS) and to the proposalites (word?), we're going to try to make more gutteral noises, we promise.

What more could one ask for?

GRANTS proposals are due March 17th. Call Eric (331-4875) to apply.
Note: * Art must be for public consumption *


Ticket person (making, cutting up, and numbering the tickets) : Jarrett
Emailing BDH weekly with events: Kate
Brown News Bureau: Responsibility of the show's bozo (will be added to Bozo guidelines shortly)

Postering zones have been reassigned:
Pembroke/gate area/SwearerCenter: SarahLeonard
Leeds/Parking Lot: Eric
Keeney/Silver Truck Wall/List Art Building: Kate
PO: Chris, Lucas, and Jasmine
Main Green: Alix
Perkins/Horace Mann/Young O: Alex
Orwig/AC: Jarrett
Wriston/Ratty: Giselda
Grad Center D/Rites and Reasons/Joe's/TWC: Maria
Grad Center C and A: Jasmine

Building Renovations: Jesse has the list AND WILL E-MAIL IT TO THE BOARD :) Just stuff:

  • Eric's finding out about a MINI-DISC player!
  • Jesse and Jarrett are going to put in the monitor system soon
  • Alex A and Megan Sandberg-Zakian are going to talk about an extra date for her play (Sunday?)
  • Madeline Diaz is making the PW ARTS FEST banner^�
  • Checking out for a new light board, etc, for the Upstairs Space?
  • A platform building workshop (no more shoddy wooded platforms!)


  • Musical Forum/Commencement deal
  • Giving downstairs shows more of a budget (to finally keep up with inflation maybe?)


PW is: Jesse Chan-Norris, Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Sarah Leonard, Giselda Beaudin, Alex Aixala, Katherine Shaw, Christopher Hayes, Maria Goyanes, Jasmine Syedullah, Jarrett Byrnes, Alix Sobler, Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Thea Grant (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave), Paul Grellong (on leave).


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