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20 septiembre 1998

present: Jesse SaraC Giselda Thea Kate Eric SarahL Maria

The Where's Lucas issue of PW minutes…

First off, congratulations to Megan Sandberg-Zakian and staff for nailing 2nd slot! 2nd SLOT is now, officially: ELEEMOSYNARY, by Lee Blessing. Auditions are this Thursday in Barbour Lounge. Check the posters up for times. (PW goddess Thea will be the show's bozo)

Amazing student theater is happening this weekend gas/house bang/gang opens this Saturday, September 25 in the Downstairs Space. Check posters for show times. There will be no blue room tickets for this show, so either come an hour early or call to make phone reservations. There's limited seating space so lollygag and no show for you!

Now on to a favorite topic, GRANTS. Here's a list of guidelines the board has come up with:

  • Has to be a form of art open to the public (but DEFINITELY NOT limited to theatrical pieces only).
  • Only open to Brown students.
  • Has to happen outside of PW (for example, we won^�t fund an Upstairs Space show).
  • The authors of the grant will remain anonymous to the board during the decision process.
  • IMPORTANT: The board needs to know if the project can happen without 100% funding. In other words, does the project have a finance minimum or is it an all or nothing deal?
  • If you want to apply, CALL ERIC @ 331-4875 before October 2nd (coz that's when they're due.

Grant posters (a la Elana Berkowitz) should be up soon (No more staple gun mayhem stories!) AND KEEP RECYCLING THE UPSTAIRS SPACE POSTER!

3 CHAIRS 2 CUBES is in the works and will go up October 23rd through 26th in the Downstairs Space. (Subcommittee: Kate, Thea, Giselda, Maria.)

Couple of reminders to the board:

  • All music events should go through BCA from now on.
  • You need to notify the board, either by e-mail or telephone, if you can't make a meeting, in particular a decision meeting.
  • We have the right to refuse entrance to anyone intoxicated or overly rowdy at any scheduled PW event, so don't hold back.
  • Notify board if any more party or “event” management workshops are scheduled so we all can get training.

NEW MEMBERS applications are due the 29th of September to the SAO box (where they can also be found). Once again, follow the PW impulse!

OH, and a new job has been given out: KATE SHAW is now handling tickets.

Till next week, -mg


PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Sara Ciarelli, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Jesse Chan-Norris, Maria Goyanes, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Eric Green, Kate Shaw, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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