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"Production Workshop Minutes"

13 september 1998

present: Sara C, Jesse, Sarahchefa L, Thea, Giselda, Eric, Kate, Maria .
lending his voice to make even more theatre: Lucas

Soooooooo. . . THE CALENDARS ARE HERE!!!!!!!

A Day in the Space turned out to be a nice little day, thanks to everyone for coming and showing an interest in student theatre - it's for you why we keep going! And the cookies were pretty good too (hehehe). Thanks to everyone who helped - the costume shop is coming along (woohoo), and the downstairs space is finally fully ready to give its all to gas/house bang/gang, which opens September 25th. Be sure to check it out, the set is beautifully jaw-dropping (amazing job, Lee).

More upcoming rockin' extravaganzas at the PW: thanks to Nick Noe and Greta Cohn, be on the look out for posters advertising the bands coming to lend their roach stomping melodies.

It's that time again: NEW MEMBERS! Applications (being updated by Giselda) will be available in the SAO box soon and will be due at the end of September. If you have any questions call one of the members of the oreo pack Giselda at x6736. Posters will start being put up by the middle of this week (we all have zones, no excuses).

Trying something new in dealing with the Upstairs Space: Sarah Chefa Leonard has been named Upstairs Space manager, which means that she will be the person to contact to book the Upstairs Space. Her number is 831-2857. She will handle all the dealings; contracts, checks, etc. Then she will contact board members to let people in and check everything out, depending on schedules, etc.

Speaking about our Upstairs Space: Saturday, September 16 is Make It Beautiful for Everybody Day. Meeting time: 3 PM. *reminder to anyone who stored stuff in the space over the summer (i.e. drafting table and fridge) it's gotta go.

2nd SLOT proposals are due to Giselda on Wednesday, so everyone who wants to propose better get crackin'. The 2nd slot decision meeting has been moved to September 20, before the meeting.

3rd slot is our one and only board show 3 CHAIRS 2 CUBES. A subcommittee has been formed (Kate, Thea, Giselda, and Maria), so it's officially in the works.

GRANTS (our favorite topic) are due to Eric the 2nd of October, so if you have a project that you've been dying to share with the public and need some kind of funding (not anything gigantic of course), propose for PW's help. Be on the lookout for posters.

So the big day is October 3rd : Grant proposal and new members decision meeting. Starting at the early hour of 10 AM (No sweat, Kate's bringing a coffee maker), and it'll be a brunch potluck involvement. As Eric beautifully put it, “We can make it a FUN, SOCIALIST . . .uh . . . SOCIAL . .. .gathering.”

And once more, jobs have been redistributed, so if you're curious and you want to know who to contact:

Eric - grants, calendar
Thea - show packet, costumes
SarahL - Upstairs Space general organizer, new directors
Jesse - all around PW freak (including treasurer, e-mail sender of freshman list -er)
Giselda - treasurer, props, new members, new directors
SaraC - public relations
Lucas - tickets
Kate - New directors
Maria - secretary, posters

TUPAY. -mg

PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Sara Ciarelli, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Jesse Chan-Norris, Maria Goyanes, Sarah Chefa Leonard, Eric Green, Kate Shaw, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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