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6 september 1998

We're back!!!!

Present: SaraC, Jesse, SarahL, Thea, Giselda, Eric, Maria
Still at the beach: Kate, Lucas

So it's the start of yet another school year: woohoo, class of 2002!

* First, sending the love to our beloved on leave members, Paul and ej - we miss you!!!

On to the makings of what we hope will be a wonderful season . . .

A Day in the Space is happening this Saturday, September 12, 1998, from noon to three, so freshmen, come, ask questions, meet board members, pick up a calendar, eat food (mmm pizza), check the digs out, you know. We'll need to be mindful of rehearsal downstairs, but hopefully there'll be a tour of the WHOLE space J Be on the look out for posters a la SarahL. COME AND FOLLOW THE PW IMPULSE. (*reminder board: be there at least a half/hour to hour earlier to set up and, ahem, clean up)

While you're looking at Day in the Space posters, don't hesitate to look at the 2nd SLOT posters next to them (hopefully they'll be there PW board members). So all you who are dying to propose to direct the play you worked on all summer, get crackin' coz proposals are due September 18th. If you want to apply or have any preguntas, call your friendly proposal mentor Giselda at ext. 6736 (aka ext. OREO) or e-mail her at

The grand upcoming PW event: gas/house bang/gang, the kicker of the season, opens September 25 and will run through September 28 in the Downstairs Space. It's free and it's theatre, what more could you ask for? So mark your calendars and watch for posters coming soon with the showtimes.

New jobs: Ever hard-working Giselda is handling New Members for the board, so if you want to apply, applications will be made available soon!

If you've forgotten your postering zones or haven't been reassigned, e-mail or call maria, who's got the list.

If you're surfing the net and your chatting partner is on a bathroom break, check out the PW homepage (a la jesse) at http:/ - board members have their own email address too, to contact all of us at once -

Coming soon, again thanks to Jesse, will be a calendar on the homepage of the Upstairs Space schedule for the season, to check booking availability.

NEW DIRECTOR'S is on its way so keep your eyes peeled. (Giselda and SarahL are leading the pack on that one.)

Weekly meetings will continue to be Sundays @ 4 pm (how can we break with traditon???)

That's all for now.

It's going to be a kick ass roach stompin' year. -mg

PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Sara Ciarelli, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Jesse Chan-Norris, Maria Goyanes, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Eric Green, Kate Shaw, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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