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"En vivo: los pw minutos"

25 octubre 1998

Present: Thea Giselda Jesse Eric Lucas Sara Kate Alex Chris Sarah Maria (woohoo, finally everybody!!!)

Congratulations to the cast and crew of 3 Chairs 2 Cubes on a fantabulous run all the effort paid off guys!! (plus it was a wonderful strike)

Ok, diving right in:

Due to the not so overwhelming response of grant proposals, we've decided to have a go at another round so all you who couldn't get it together in time for the last one:

For any kind of artistic endeavor (photography, film, painting, human jukeboxes)
*note: art must be for public consumption (eyes mainly but I guess stomachs would also be a good way to appeal to the masses)

to apply CALL ERIC (331-4875) by NOVEMBER 12th.

NEW DIRECTORS: are happening NOW!!! Proposals are due Wednesday to SAO Box 69. Performance dates: November 13 and 14 in the good ol' Upstairs Space. And speaking of which, don't they need people to direct?

AUDITIONS (for new director's workshop) are being held this Sunday, November 1st from 6 to 9 PM in the Upstairs Space. Come and show us how amazing you are!!!

We now have announcements in the BDH and the Indie, as well as BSR (thanks to our wonderfully on top of everything Kate Shaw)

$$$$$ - We've got funds and lots of ideas on how to spend it before it goes away: MONEY MEETING @ Jesse's house (aka “play with the kittens time”) WED. 10PM


  • Friday, October 30th A GROUP WRITTEN PIECE
  • Sunday, Nov. 1st New Director's workshop auditions 6-9 PM

Busy is good.

A little tidy-ing up for upcoming shows (especially board ones):

  • Reserves need to be given to the house manager BEFORE the doors open.
  • Tray in the inner office will finally be loved: each section will be devoted to the house manager speech (written by the Friday night-er), reserves, or tickets. (good thinking, Thea)

Para la proxima semana:

  • we need to finalize the musical forum contract (and discuss discuss discuss)
  • assign who gets to obtain the fruits of el money meeting
  • reconfirm postering zones
  • tour the space or else the knowledge of where the Upstairs Space circuit breakers are will forever be lost with the parting of our beloved pw troll (the one that protects the bridge people)

New Director's Auditions and moregrants' posters are in the SAO ready for liftoff.

Your faithful if sometimes late secretary, -ria

PW is: Eric Green, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Jesse Chan-Norris, Katherine Shaw, Lucas Fleischer, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Chris Hayes, Alex Aixala, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).


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