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"welcome a los pw minutos"

12 octubre 1998

present: Jesse Thea Giselda Kate Alex Chris Eric Sarah Maria

We finally figured out what would “chill Jesse's shit out soooo much:”

SEEING ELEEMOSYNARY!!!! (nice, huh?) - bring the folks to see amazing student theater! The show runs from through parents^� weekend, October 16th to October 19th. Pick up tickets (gracias a Kate) an hour before the performance or on Wednesday, Oct. 14th @ the Blue Room (5 PM to 6 PM).

Also this weekend is the 4th Slot decision meeting @ 10:30 AM. Board members come prepared with questions. Proposals will be in the inner office Tuesday night.

GRANTS posters are in the SAO office. If you are interested in applying for money to fund an art project (one for public consumption), call Eric (331-4875) by October 18th.

TWC: we're getting a theater bulletin board!! Let the postering begin. (SarahL, I'll let you know when it's up).

NEW DIRECTORS proposals due to SAO box 69 on Oct. 28th. Be on the look out for posters (which should be in the box by Friday, board)

BSR announcements of PW weekend activity will be invading radio soon. Good deal Kate. (*just a reminder: BDH)

FRIDAY, OCT. 16th @ 2 PM CLEAN-UP DAY!!! “Coz sometimes you gotta take the edge off in here” that was pretty bad)

Mark your calendars: 3 CHAIRS 2 CUBES opens October 23rd and will run through Oct. 26th. Double book that Friday: there's talk brewing about a MIDNIGHT SHOW. Good news.

A non-theatrical text staging (a sort of Readers' Theater) is in the works (a la the boys and Kate). So start thinking about your favorite prose and we'll keep you updated.

I like it when we're rolling. Till next week. -mg

PW is: Lucas Fleischer, Sara Ciarelli, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Jesse Chan-Norris, Maria Goyanes, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Eric Green, Kate Shaw, Alex Aixala, Chris Hayes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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