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"Perdona la tardeza...los PW MINUTOS!!"

Double whammy - 22 y 29 de noviembre 1998

Due to the secretary's paper for the lovable Spencer…
The “what is the Upstairs Space ceiling made of” issue-

present: Jesse Giselda Thea Eric Alex Chris Sarah Lucas Maria

!!!LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS opens this weekend Friday through Monday!!! Don't miss it!! They made the plant!

(Reminder since your secretary forgot to make a strike list: strike should start Monday around 10:15 so don't forget - it's the last strike of the year and that means major lifting dust)

Speaking of Musical Forum - the “new” contract has been signed and has found its resting place in pw's inner office.

The spirit of giving has hit home early -

PW NOW HAS 15 “NEW” WORKING LEKOS CARE OF MAINSTAGE! (And the good ol' pw ladder, which a lot of us didn't even know existed, has been returned, in jcn's words “a little bruised” but back home at last)


so let's talk money-

Stuff that has been decided already and WILL get bought:

  • monitor system
  • compound mitre saw
  • sewing machine

And thanks to BMI (and el senor Jesse) we got lots o' tie line and super duper gaff tape to bring in the new year!

Things we should still think about en el futuro:

  • homosot :)� - at least an inch thick, 4×8
  • tripod
  • paint (cause we could always use more of it)
  • mini-disc player
  • desk lamps
  • mannequin for costume shop
  • curtain tracks for Upstairs Space doors and window
  • film for archives

CALENDAR: still in discussion regarding next semester, which should be solved next meeting. (We also need to figure out when the arts festival is going to wreak havoc)

Next week is the last meeting of the semester folks! :(

GRANTS have been distributed: (congrats to all)

  • Toddy Burton - film project
  • Alex Threadgold - 'zine
  • Shannon Coleman - quilts for display
  • Sarah Leddy - Urban Dance Collaborative project

GREAT IDEA that will begin as soon as possible: To make the board bring the “workshop” actually into pw and be a little more (even more?!) Downstairs-oriented - pw will ask directors of Downstairs slots if they would like to come and talk to us the Sunday after the show so we can find out what's going on/what worked in terms of their production/what didn't work, etc… We want to be a more effective board!!

For this coming Sunday:

  • Policy of Reimbursements within the Show^�s budget
  • Keys from board members who are heading out (we'll miss you!)

Over and out - -mg

PW is: Jesse Chan-Norris, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Giselda Beaudin, Thea Grant, Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Sara Ciarelli, Kate Shaw, Alex Aixala, Chris Hayes, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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