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"Estos son los PW MINUTOS!!!"

15 de noviembre 1998

almost everybody!!

present: Eric Jesse Chris Thea SaraH Giselda Lucas Alex Maria JulieNovacek BrianHealy

WE'RE GETTING LIGHTS FROM MAINSTAGE!!!! (Hopefully this week sometime)


THE DR. ELECTRIC, an adaptation of David Mamet's Edmond AND Gertrude Stein's Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights. Tickets are available on Wed. at the Blue Room 5-6 and one hour before the show. It runs Friday (Nov. 20) through Monday (Nov. 23) at 8 PM every night PLUS an extra special MIDNIGHT show on Saturday, Nov. 21st. It's a small house (70 seats) so pick up the tickets soon or you'll miss some exciting groundbreaking work!!

*reminder: This Tuesday at 4:30 is SEATING PLATFORM TIME!!!

Hooray visitors…

Brian Healy from the Brown Daily Herald stopped by to lounge with us on our beautiful broken couches and eavesdrop for an article on The Arts in Providence. We feel some mad lovin', right guys?

And the ever faithful Miss Julie Novacek is officially now the liaison between Musical Forum and the pw board. Unfortunately MTI (Musical Theatre Institute) has hiked up the copyright fee INSANELY and left Musical Forum a bit shafted. PW has agreed to help them out this semester to help them stay on their feet.

On the same note, the production manager of each Musical Forum show (as is with every other downstairs show) must stop in on our weekly meetings as soon as the show is in production, to keep the board updated on any problems the show has run into. For Little Shop that means more of the wonderful Miss Julie Novacek!

FIRST SLOT proposals for next semester are coming up! Proposals are due November 30 to SAO Box 69. If you are interested, call your friendly mentor Eric @ 331.4875. Stay tuned for exact showdates. *In the words of Jesse: “WE MUST POSTER TILL OUR FACE IS BLUE FOR… CHEESE.” ??? No for 1st slot silly!!!

GRANTS decision meeting will be held in kitty heaven (Jesse's house on 46 Preston Street) on WEDNESDAY, Nov.18 @ 10 PM. Proposals are in the inner office. * ANYONE WHO CAN BE THERE SHOULD BE THERE. * (Eric is bringing a preliminary calendar for us to browse through)

IMPORTANT!!! Next weekend's meeting has been moved to NOON on SUNDAY because of Atreus strike. Will this finally bring everyone together once and for all? We'll see…

As for the money… Compound Mitre Saw might turn out to be $179 if we bargain with El Home Depot; A simple monitor system can be done for $250 (not including amps); I'm thinking we're gonna be needing to schedule another one of them “money meetings?”

Eric, Jesse and Alex are officially taking care of “de boof” to help make it stage-manager/board op friendly. Finally.

For the next show next semester, the board has decided to try having tickets distributed only a half hour early on show nights instead of the traditional hour. Why? To encourage people to just stay and wait, hopefully discouraging lateness.

And for this weekend, here's the house manager list with riot ushers included:

Friday: Thea (H.M.); riot police - Jesse! SaraH! Maria
Saturday @ 8: Jesse (H.M.); rioters - SaraH, Serena Merriman, Maria
Saturday @ Midnight: Alex (H.M.); rioters - Julie Cramer, Philip Pierce, Maria
Sunday @ 8: Chris (H.M.); rioters - Serena and Allison and Maria
Monday @ 8: Eric (H.M.); rioters - Chris, Alex and Maria

Tabled for next week:

  • Audience seating policy for downstairs shows (at least a hundred seats in the house?)
  • Musical Forum contract so it can be ready and signed before Little Shop gets into the space.

Hasta la proxima chicas y chicos. -mg

PW is: Eric Green, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Jesse Chan-Norris, Katherine Shaw, Lucas Fleischer, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Chris Hayes, Alex Aixala, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).


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