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"Un poco tarde... LOS PW MINUTOS!!!"

8 de noviembre 1998

After realizing that Atreus has eaten up our board…

present: Thea Giselda Jesse Sarah Chris Maria PLUS LUCAS!!!

So here we go …

NEW DIRECTORS/the palimpsest experiment (THE undergraduate playwriting movimiento) is this Friday and Saturday in the Upstairs Space at 8 PM. WHAT COULD BE MORE SHAGADELIC BABY???!!!! Come pickup programs from your lovely house manager Sleonard and enjoy the show!

GRANTS (aka free mula) : Call Eric (331.4875) by November 12th to apply. Remember: art must be for public consumption. The proposals are due to the board Nov. 16th (woohoo! otro decision meeting!)

So Chris and Sleonard are representing PW at a leadership counsel meeting at the Ratty, I mean, Presidential Dining Room. Best be looking sharp yo.

We got an awesome suggestion from el senor J. Lucas about money - how awesome would a mixing board and mini disc player be?! We might just have to wait awhile till prices drop, though. Price quotes (and how much tie line we actually need) have been tabled till next meeting, so come in ready to dish out some numbers.

Speaking about nice faculty - Bill Roche is coming to assess the upstairs space soon and give us suggestions on how to improve the space. Time for a little makeover J

Musical forum - a wonderful idea (a la the wonderful thea grant) - Have the production manager of all the musical forum shows come to our regular OPEN Sunday meetings, just like every other show, to keep us updated on what's going on and what snags have been hit. It's all about maintaining a good relationship.

After a little discussion, the board has decided that there are TWO ways to put up a show at PW:

  • Propose for a downstairs slot
  • Book the Upstairs Space

Of course we call them as we see them, so if you have an idea that doesn't fit within this mold but seems reasonable, do not hesitate to come to a meeting and approach us with a proposal of what you would like to do.

Hasta la proxima:

  • Making the booth a stage manager's dream (if that's possible)
  • 1st slot next semester
  • tour of space - who's left?
  • Donation money!!!!

(oh and riot clown ushering el dr. electric)

Short minutos. I don't mind. -mg

PW is: Eric Green, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Jesse Chan-Norris, Katherine Shaw, Lucas Fleischer, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Chris Hayes, Alex Aixala, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).


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