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"Los production workshop minutos"

1 de noviembre de 1998

It's amazing what a difference the word “free” makes.

present: Thea Giselda Jesse Chris Alex SarahL Maria

. . .a pretty lonely meeting. . .

Congratulations (lalala) to the newest directors on the block (clich, smich), your mentors will be bugging, umm mentoring, you shortly.

Speaking of . . . NEW DIRECTORS is scheduled for November 13th and 14th in the good ol' Upstairs Space and will go up in conjunction with The Palimpsest Experiment (THE undergraduate playwriting MOVEMENT). Should be one amazing night of scenes and readings so mark your calendars!

Ahora, el dinero - Now that we know what we need to get, time to find the bargains . . .. extracurricular research, represent, represent

  • Thea: sewing machine, costume rack, dress forms
  • Jesse: basic stuff from BMI catalog (gaft tape, safety cables), seating platform, pieces, blacks for Upstairs, cable
  • Alex: chop saw, monitor system, glow tape
  • Chris: 8 ft. wooden ladder
  • And Giselda's getting on track about our donation money (!!!!), and curtain tracks/poles for the Upstairs Space.� Hopefully we'll be able to finally take advantage of the elbow shape of the Upstairs Space to create a backstage area/audition area (even more !!!!).

AND speaking of stuff in the space. . . BOARD REMINDER: tour of the space with jcn at the helm this Saturday, November 7th @ 11 AM.

The UPSTAIRS SPACE is available for the booking this weekend due to some cancellations. So if you are interested call Miss Sarah Josephine Leonard @ 831-2857.There's nothing sadder than an empty space on a weekend.

CALL ERIC (331-4875) by November 12th if you want some FREE money. For art that is. PW has GRANT money to be given to artists for public projects. You need to call el senor Eric first if you want to apply. And here's a rundown of the good ol' postering zones to decrease invasion of territories:

  • SarahL: pembroke . gate . rites and reasons
  • Jesse: cit, ac, pw area, rock
  • Giselda: Ratty, Silver truck wall, wriston
  • Kate: Keeney and its many mazes
  • Thea: po
  • Chris: po (alternating), frats
  • Eric: Lyman, parking lot by Rites and Reasons
  • Alex: twc, main green, perkins, young o, horace mann +blistein
  • Maria: grad center, jo's
  • Lucas???

Tabled for next week:

  • musical forum contract/business
  • update on costs for supplies and goodies for the space: WHO'S GETTING WHAT?

-coming up next time @ pw.

PW is: Eric Green, Thea Grant, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Jesse Chan-Norris, Katherine Shaw, Lucas Fleischer, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Chris Hayes, Alex Aixala, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave).

It's all good.

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Taken by mg, htmlized by jcn

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