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"Production Workshop Minutes"

25 january 1998

welcome back everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Whoooo! Party's on.

Present: paulgiseldalucassaraerictheajesseemily, with guests burnett and erika

On the table today……….

* YAY for Jesse, over-the-break-god-of-PW! We now have a nice new set of booms in the upstairs space, for all your sophisticated-er lighting needs. And a glorious new costume storage system is on its way.

* 2nd slot proposals!!!! Due on Friday the 30th at NOON to box 69 in the SAO. C'mon. You know you wanna. (guidelines in the Becker and on the web– http:\\

* And………New Member Applications……. we will be taking a couple happy fresh new members SOOOOO SOOOOOOOON…………. if you want to come play with us, pick up an application at SAO box 69 or the Becker and get it back to us by Friday Feb. 6.
and just in case you wondered, voting policy has been changed back to 2/3 + 1)

* The really exciting Pro Jo arts festival, formally appelled THE ARTS IN AMERICA: CREATIVITY AND CONTROVERSY (whoo-hoo!) is fast approaching. To refresh your memory:

all kinds of cool things are going to be available to experience during the week of February 23. art. theatre. dance. music. lectures. famous people.

PW is sponsoring our own part of the festival, a sort of baby Fringe, if you will. for NINE NIGHTS (Feb. 20-28) our space will be filled with…….YOU.

so———–>PROPOSE to us something daring, something brilliant, something fun, that you want THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. (well, almost.)

Q's? CALL lucas x4904 or paul x4920 for more info.

(and a reminder to the gang: 9:30 Thursday at Lu's place, to make the decisions.)

* In readiness for this extravaganza, we'll be overhauling the space. Join the board on Sunday, Feb. 15, @ 2:00 PM if you're around for a super-duper work call.

You know you secretly always wanted to paint your room ALL BLACK and paint MURALS in your BATHROOM. Come and experience the down and dirty of being on the PW board. It's fun.

* Our new query respondant is Giselda! Of course you may call any of us with any question, but Giselda is now our *official* Q & A Babe.

Dat's da news, folks……… on the way next week:

  • remember we're meeting at NOON Sun. 1st to decide 2nd slot.
  • grants for this semester……….
  • new jobs and postering zones……..
  • and what'll be up with that nutty Tim Barsky fellow and his cool stories….

More. Next time. And remember, every single last one of you is invited and encouraged to come check out our Sunday meetings. PW upstairs. 4:00. Mmmmm. Kilts are itchy.


The Production Workshop Board is: Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Jesse Chan-Norris, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Dana Edell (on leave), Mitch Goldman (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), Sarah Leonard (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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