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"Production Workshop Minutes"

22 february 1998


fabulous arts festival. art rocks. pw rocks. yeah.

the downstairs show Fool For Love seems to be ahead of schedule according to pm brian. werd to the show.

Just a reminder and general good thing to know: we're only allowed to reserve banner space for a week in any one particular place, which means that the arts fest banner is going to have to move to the courtyard midway through the week.

New directors stuff is still up in the air. Let's see if we can cram it into midweek somewhere with muscal forum in the space.

Our supplemental funding from ufb was passed (yeah nick noe!) so that means that we have an additional $215 to play with to go toward the arts fest.

Remember, $400 in grants money for the taking. well, not exactly for the taking, but applications are due on march 11. talk to eric (x4710) if you want to propose.

Talk of subcommittees. Worked well with Lucas, Paul, Giselda, and Jesse doing the arts fest stuff. Cut through the bureaucracy of a full sized board. but should we do this more often for more projects? specifically grants? dunno. the debate rages on.

that's it for now. until next week, this is jcn transcibing (and making up some stuff as i go along) from Thea's notes. emjan we miss your minutes!

The Production Workshop Board is: Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Jesse Chan-Norris, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Dana Edell, Maria Goyanes, Kate Shaw, Mitch Goldman (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), Sarah Leonard (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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Taken by thea grant, by jcn

1) spotty minutes due to the fact that our minutestaker emilyjan wasn't around that day -jcn
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