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"Production Workshop Minutes"

1 february 1998

Today we had many lovely visitors for a palpable taste of the ol' p-dub….. we hope we didn't scare anyone too much…….

Present: giselda, eric, jesse, thea, lucas, paul, sara c., sarah b,, alix, maria, jason, kate, rufus, chris h,, and yours truly ej.


* Everyone go see Beyond Therapy! Directed by Julie Balzer, written by that Durang guy, and opening in PW Feb. 6. It's going to be fab so don't miss out on Blue Room tix, wed. Feb 4 @ 5pm.

* Watch out for a mystery really big band coming at ya from the combined forces of Nick Noe and PW, on March 13- yup that's a Friday. Ooooooooo.

* Hey Devil Inside and all folks–just a friendly reminder, that you all gotta clear any usage of the upstairs space with Paul or Sara, who faithfully keep the schedule straight, all the better to serve you…….

c Funny quote of the day: “What the hell??! His picture is on my fridge!” -s.c.

* the Upstairs Space Work Day has been MOVED to Feb 16, Mon, @ 2:00. Come one, come all. Make the space pretty for the Festival.

* Keys are coming, booms are progressing, as is the costume shop……… more wonders in store from Jesse.

* The first official PW Newsletter is coming thanks to Thea and Sara C. It's going to kick ass. And lots of people are going to receive it. (we hope anyway). And maybe a letterhead/logo will surface as well. You never know.

* And: The Festival……….

We've got one hell of a nine days lined up for ya…….all kinds of dance music art theatre performance art and hey, you may even be fed in our freshly painted space.

For performing groups: MINIMAL props/set can be used……Giselda will be contacting y'all. Let us know so's we can help you.

General Q's about the festival can be addressed to Lucas x4904, Paul x4920, or Giselda x6594.

* And once more we have redistributed jobs, so if you're curious who does what (and who to ask about what), here 'tis:

Lucas– tickets, chauffeur
Jesse– treasurer, archives
Giselda–treasurer, props, general queries
Eric–grants, calendar/banner space, new directors, chauffeur
Thea–public relations, show packet, archives, costumes
Paul–upstairs space, new members, writers
Sara C–upstairs space, public relations
ej– secretary, chauffeur, sets, sometime keymaster.


Next week. Sunday. Noon. We LOVE GUESTS–but we can't have 'em this next one, where we:

  • have the Mother of All Logistical Meetings to handle the Mother of all Festivals.
  • pretend yet again that we will actually get to talking about grants.

Hey, happy Imbolc everyone. That means spring is nearer to us now, than farther.

That's reason enough to be glad. Till then stay warm.

comrade ej

The Production Workshop Board is: Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Jesse Chan-Norris, Giselda Beaudin, Sara Ciarelli, Dana Edell (on leave), Mitch Goldman (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), Sarah Leonard (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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