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"Los production workshop minutos"

6 diciembre 1998

The Lucas is here! issue…

present: EVERYBODY!!!

First off (or slot that is):

CONGRATULATIONS to Emily O'Dell and staff! Agnes of God is pw's first slot for next semester! Be on the lookout for audition posters which should take place sometime late this week.

Let's take timing, finally…

The CALENDAR for next semester has finally been finalized and approved. Here are some dates to get you thinking when you're getting ready to propose your favorite play or student written work:

  • 1st slot (Agnes of God): Feb 12-15
  • STUDENT ARTS FESTIVAL (Upstairs Space): Feb. 28-March 6
  • 2nd slot: March 12-15
  • 3rd slot: March 19-22 (IT'S A WEEK ON PURPOSE, HONEST!!! *set designers: castles not encouraged)
  • 4th slot: April 16-19
  • Commencement: May 28-31

THAT'S 3 four week slots guys!!! If time is what you want, time is what you'll get.

In terms of el dinero:

pw's had Christmas (or Chanukah, whichever floats your boat) come early!

We will soon be in the possession of:

  • a sewing machine
  • a compound mitre saw
  • a MONITOR system!!
  • paint, desk lamps, and other Benny's goodies

PLUS, the COSTUME SHOP is going to start stocking supplies to help designers out - off to Lorraine's we go!

Speaking of costumes, we know what a hassle the SAO purchase order system is for costume designers. So we have decided that 1/3 OF THE COSTUME BUDGET ONLY for any show can be used in reimbursements.

LITTLE SHOP (“people want to go see a big plant eating people” - jcn) strike is this Monday at 10:15. *plant will not be struck - no matter how much it smelled.

This Wednesday there will be a “Nick Noe band thing” in the Downstairs Space. PW board members (you know who you are) are scheduled to be there during that strike to make sure everything is returned to tip top shape (maybe I should say as tip top as possible)

Within the proposal guidelines an addendum has been inserted to the effect of “Since PW is for the community, the Downstairs Space traditionally has shows with a 100 seat house, ensuring that everyone will have a chance to see our shows. Come talk to us if there are any reasons why this would pose a problem or doesn't fit the artistic vision of your show.” We don't like turning people away!

On the same note, next semester will start a pro-pw campaign of not only postering shows and the Upstairs Space, but also table slipping. We're here for you, and we want you to know who we are!

The REAL FINAL PW MEETING OF THE SEMESTER is next Sunday @ 4 PM. Bring goodies everyone! (And everyone's going to finally learn how to use a serger!)

They're finally on time again.
Your faithful secretary, -mg

PW is: Jesse Chan-Norris, Sarah Josephine Leonard, Giselda Beaudin, Thea Grant, Lucas Fleischer, Eric Green, Sara Ciarelli, Kate Shaw, Alex Aixala, Chris Hayes, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong (on leave), Emily Jan (on leave)


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