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"Production Workshop Minutes"

28 september 1997

…………….hey. bang the box………..

present: ev'rybody.

a busytime forall……

Three Chairs Two Cubes! A contact sheet for all shows has been drafted up, to keep board support real.

  • Thea and Jesse are getting a show contract out for all, as well.
  • Dana is searching for a stage manager to help coordinate all the madness. Interested? Give her a call……(861-5197)…..
  • Auditions will be on Oct. 6, in the UPSTAIRS SPACE, from 5 - 9pm. Come one, come all. Read scripts, try out. Board members Sarah, Paul, Dana, and I will be there to party down with y'all. And it WILL be beautifully coordinated.
  • On that note, Board members will be meeting to read and choose scripts on Friday, at 1:30 in the p-dub. And,
  • all would-be directors are called to come on out on Sunday, Oct. 5 from noon-3 to read scripts and propose to direct.
  • keep an eye out for more posters……
  • just a BOARD REMINDER………. on Oct. 14 we are fresh'ning up the space from 4:30 to whenever–seating platforms, cleaning, and bathrooms…….

And we'll soon be taking NEW MEMBERS to join in the fun. Look for applications in the SAO box 69, and get them to us by noon Oct. 17 in the self-same SAO box. Watch out for posters!

A note and reminder to Board members–pick up yer posters Thursday afternoon, and stick 'em up A.S.A.P. Same zones, except for New Members, which i'll put up.

KEYS are FINALLY here!! Whoo-hoo! They are getting numbers engraved on them so's we can keep track of them, and monitor the birth of illegal copies.

The gate for the costume shop is on its way to becoming a reality.

And further on maintenence issues……categorical committees have been made to bite off manageble chunks of the task to tackle. The maintenence and rehab coordinator is the saint Jesse C-N. And the breakdown is as follows:

  • costume room–Thea Grant + Jesse
  • paints–Paul, Thea, and ej.
  • shop–Dana and ej
  • “room across the hall”–Eric
  • funiture room–damn well everyone.

Next week we'll be reviewing the lists compiled by each group and itemizing EXACTLY what's to be done.

Are you interested in learning about the inner workings of running a theatre? Do you like to paint, clean, build? Are you an organizational wizard? Come join us. Find our #'s on the web ( and call us for more info. Or come to……..

Space-(fix-it)-Case Work Calls:

  • Bathroom painting: they're on their way. We're meeting at a bright and early 8 AM on Satuday, Oct.4th to finish up.
  • Furniture Room: order and inventory, a MAJOR task. This is happening Oct. 9 at 5 PM.

Scripts for 4th Slot will be one in the Becker, one in the PW fort.

Proposals for 4th Slot will be all in the fort. Decision meeting 10am on Saturday!

Remember……….. our first interview will be on Friday the 3rd, @ 2:15.

And we bid a sad farewell to Nancy, who due to massive madness this semester, is taking a leave of absence from the board. We'll miss you.

That's all for now. Lots coming up……keep your eyes on this space. Tabled for next week:

  • A possible joint PW/ Nick Noe festival of music, sometime second semester? Keep watchin'.
  • A major discussion of maintenence needs.
  • Amendments to the Proposal Guidelines.
  • A memo to UFB for a show petty cash policy to be set up, indefinate.
  • What do we do now with the 3rd slot funds? Still to be seen…….
  • A possible official PW Logo….. still thinkin'……….

Oh, it's so very late………. now Providence rains in its sleep.

secretarily yours,


The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Jesse Chan-Norris, Nancy Johnston (on leave), Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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