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"Production Workshop Minutes"

21 september 1997

another installment of……..

…….happy Solstice everyone…….

All present except Nancy (where'd you go?), and in addition: Mitch Goldman and Alex Litow.

first order of business……..3 Chairs 2 Cubes returns to PW! For those of you new to the process, 3 Chairs 2 Cubes is PW's Undergraduate New Plays Festival. Writer's submissions are due to the PW SAO box # 69, before noon on Friday, October 3. There will be a director's meeting to choose scripts from noon-5 on Sunday, October 5, and open auditions will be held on Monday, Oct. 6, from 5-9 PM. Come one, come all! Watch out for posters, and if you have questions call Dana Edell @ 861-5197.

The Rover opened last Thursday and has been a major success. See it. It's wonderful. Monday's your last chance.

Paint-the-Upstairs-Space-night on Monday the 15th at PW went beautifully…..and now the space is a lovely, clean glossy black once more. THANK YOU to all (and there were many..) who came out. We love you.

renovations continue at PW……..some major space maintenence, organization, and beautification is scheduled to happen these coming weeks……already the bathrooms are on their way to being spiffed and spunked up. The costume shop is receiving a major overhaul, and the wardrobe room will (hopefully) soon be under lock and key to keep it orderly. The shop will be cleaned and inventoried. All about respect…..

keep an eye out for 4th Slot posters….. Proposals are due Sept. 28 to either Dana or ej…… Questions? Call emily @ x4343. This is a PHAT slot. Don't let the opportunity slip by you.

New postering zones are out. Check with ej if you need your memory refreshed.

Calling ALL Artists………. here comes the time for PW GRANTS once again. Are you an artist, of ANY sort? (yes) Do you want money? (YES.) Well we want to give you money. Pick up a copy of the Grant Proposal Guidelines in the SAO or the Becker, and get us your project ideas by noon, Tuesday Oct. 14., in the SAO. Call Eric @ 4107 for more details.

Welcome in Musical Forum! Together with chair-woman Alex Litow, the PW board has drafted an annual contract that brings Musical Forum into our space semesterly.

Nick Noe and his bands will Rock the Box on Thursday, Sept. 25, starting at 8:30 PM in the Down stairs space. Stop by and catch some kick-ass music.

Jesse Chan-Norris is now our second signatory for the SAO, so if people need recs it's now to him or s'leonard they'll go….

On the monetary-type note…… PW has declared an UNBUDGEABLE policy of absolutely NO REIMBURSEMENTS. Don't spend cash on your shows unless you don't care to see the $$$ again.

Well, that's all folks, except:

Tabled 'till we meet again:

  • A show contact sheet for 3 Chairs….. PW board support for the directors.
  • A discussion of how 3 Chairs auditions will be run for minimal chaos.
  • A memo to UFB for a show petty cash policy to be set up.
  • What do we do now with the 3rd slot funds? Hmmm.
  • A possible official PW Logo….comin' out at ya.

Who loves ya? (I do, I do……..)


The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Nancy Johnston, Jesse Chan-Norris, Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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