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"Production Workshop Minutes"

07 september 1997

……….another installment of……. stuff……..

Well, Day in the Space was lovely–thanks one and all for participating! We had over thirty new visitors. Welcome, all, the “channels” will begin to flow…. if anyone missed out and wish they didn't, don't despair. Info is always available from the PW website, which can be found at, or from any of us.

Projects are getting fired up, and we'll to keep generating ideas for more things that need to happen. Leadership, people! Whooooo hoo.

Talk of an answering machine? Perhaps a permanent answering/info service will be available in the near future….

Mitch Goldman! Mitch is taking an indefinate leave from the board, and Sarah Leonard is taking over as new treasuress. We wish Mitch the best of luck at Al Forno. We'll miss you, man. Moooo.

Thea “Goddess of the Costume Shop” Grant is taking the cloth bull by the horns and staging a major revitilization of the costume shop. Already it is much cleaner, and a complete reorganization and inventory is underway. New shelves, new racks…'s all comin' at ya. And this time, it will remain CLEAN.

This the year, the space will be better looked after, by one and all. Contracts are being written and we will be expecting those who use the space to respect them. No more messes in PW. Keep an eye out, downstairs folks, for a new show packet that'll contain all the works…….

We will meet as a board at 10 AM on Saturday the 13th to prep the space for The Rover. Cleaning and setup will be happening then….

Sometime this semester we'll most likely be taking new members, so begin watching around mid-semester.

2nd Slot!!!!!!! People, please don't heasitate to PROPOSE! This space is for YOU, after all.

Ideas are on the table for a board-sponsored project circa the week of Oct. 20th. New Directors? New Playwrights? Or is it time for something Completely Different?

Dana has spoken with Nick Noe, and there is talk of a possible all-out rock show in the downstairs space, which is still a maybe at this point but well worth thinking about.

Tabled until next week………

A discussion of this amorphous “project” of Oct. 20th. What will it be? Wait and see.

A discussion of all the little and grand projects that could/should be done around PW. A sort of fall cleaning of the space and the soul, if you will.

An overview of our budget for 97-98, given by our new treasurer.

Until then, this is your faithful secretary signing off.

- ej
(questions? want more details? call me. x4343)

The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Mitch Goldman, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Nancy Johnston, Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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