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"Production Workshop Minutes"

26 october 1997

….WHEW! This was one hell of a meeting……
Present: All except Eric. Late: S'leonard and ej.

part i

We had a big ol' discussion about how to improve new plays festivals:

  • we are returning to a policy of annonymous submissions. Folks will submit their script, plus a sheet of paper in a sealed envelope with their name and the script title.

  • for future board shows there will be one production manager to will organize everything

  • the submission time limit must be enforced!

  • more organizational stuff…….. a calendar and checklist………. rehearsal schedule………. publicity for the actors and directors to distribute……… earlier organization on painting/lighting/blacks/tix……..

  • and as far as board support, we want to up our own involvement, with a board liason for each show and also a mentor for any director that feels that would be helpful.

To help all this stay organized, a sheet of guidelines for board shows is being drawn up.

What's gonna be our policy for voting on new members? Still under discussion.

part ii

First of all…….. welcome new members! We the former PW board were honored to welcome David Pressman, Giselda Beaudin, and Sara Ciarelli onto our new crew for the semester.

It's an exciting new time. Who are we now? And what do we want to accomplish? A 9:00 AM Board Breakfast is happening this Saturday to discuss all that esoteric and philosophical stuff we never get to during Sunday meetings. It's all about vision……..

Alex Litow came by and we all signed the official Musical Forum/PW Contract which will allow MF into the space twice yearly, under mutually agreed stipulations that will be reviewed and refreshed yearly.

PW meetings have officially been changed to 3:00 PM. Sundays. And, as always, they are always open to visitors. Drop in and see what goes on!

Just a reminder……..where can you find all the current PW goings on? Proposal guidelines? Phone numbers? Why, it's the PW Web Page:

Monologues: Nov. 1 and 2, 8pm Upstairs. Also:

  • tech for monologues will be at 1:00 PM on Saturday.
  • posters are being done by Dana Edell. Everyone pick up yours a.s.a.p.
  • House managers: Saturday–Dana. Sunday–Paul.
  • programs will be a la David.
  • everybody remember strike on Sunday after the show (9:30 ish).

New Postering Zones………

  • -DANA– P.O, Faunce House, Wilson, Coffee Shops, MCM, and Swearer center (45 posters)
  • SARAH L.–New Dorm, Wriston/Ratty, Grad Center (30 posters)
  • THEA– Pembroke, Rites and Reasons, the walkway (30 posters)
  • JESSE– CIT, AC. (10 posters)
  • PAUL– Keeney, the Rock, Silver Truck wall. (30 posters)
  • EJ–List, Lyman/Stuart, Becker, Barbour. (45 posters)
  • SARA C.–Young O. #4, Main Green, TWC. (30 posters)
  • GISELDA– Sarah Doyle, Blistein, VW. (20 posters)
  • DAVID– Young O # 9 & 10, Perkins, Orwig, PW/ Russell Lab (20 posters)

Upcoming events in PW: (this is a new section that y'all can watch to see what's coming up, so's no one will miss a beat)

  • Mind the Gap–Ben Samuel's piece goes up this Thursday and Friday, in the upstairs space. Time TBA.

  • Monologues–need someplace to take your parents to prove they sent you to a cultured place? Saturday and Sunday, 8PM, in the upstairs space. Bring 'em.

  • Glock 17–goes up next Friday and Saturday, in the upstairs.

Speaking of which, yay for the Shakespeare Scenes, and yay for Space! Both went smashingly.

Jesse has put a service order in on the damage downstairs. Probably won't get fixed until next semester, but it's a start.

UFB Grants……. Thea is writing up a proposal for a new sewing machine for the costume shop. Whoo hoo!

So we have this leftover money from the semester. And now we're researching into how we can best use it:

  • Stock platforms– $300 for wood for 6 new platforms
  • salvation army–we're gonna raid with $200, on a Wednesday……
  • wood/mountings for shelves around the space.
  • more new chairs for the downstairs.
  • stock paint.

THEA– Costume shop–hangers, stock fabric, dying facilities, a surger? maybe?

JESSE– monitor system specs, track light specs, booms/sidearms, gel, lights (strips?) fog machine????

EJ– pigments/base

DAVID–will bring catalogues for us to peruse next week.

That's all for now. What a mouthful……..

coming up for next week:

  • the theatre network of New England college students….
  • reports on findings for that $$$
  • props room talk…..
  • upstairs policies/contract
  • new jobs for everyone

your faithful secretary,


The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Jesse Chan-Norris, David Pressman, Sara Ciarelli, Giselda Beaudin, Nancy Johnston (on leave), Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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