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"Production Workshop Minutes"

19 october 1997

……….here's a double whammy….ya get this weeks AND last weeks to boot:

From Oct. 13:

We have coming to the space a brand-spankin' new paint sprayer to make all of our lives all that much happier.

We're still talkin' about a P W Survey, to test the waters, as it were. We wanna know how better to serve you.

$$$$– We've got all these saved up funds from the semester, and lots of ideas are being tossed around as to how to spend it before it goes away. Some thoughts are:

  • replenishing stock supplies–platforms, paint, etc.
  • new lighting accessories for the upstairs space–arms and such,
  • and oh, yes…safety cable……….

MONOLOGUES: Are happening NOW! Scripts due this Monday, which will be read and decided upon after strike. Interested Directors should show up at the upstairs space PW on WEDNESDAY, OCT 22, from 5-8 PM. Auditions will be held in Barbour Lounge from 6-9 PM on THURSDAY, OCT 23. The show will go up on NOV. 1, in upstairs PW.


Today was the new members decision. Congratulations, and welcome…..only i'm not allowed to say to whom yet. Letters will be in the mail… and THANK YOU to everyone who applied!

PW loves Nick Noe, so much…….. everybody, prepare to get really psyched for a Music and Arts Festival second semester, 'round the middle of March. It will be a four day extravaganza of live music, theatre, and god knows what else, all happening in and around PW. A sort of baby-Fringe, if you will.

Along those lines, we'll have the second semester calendar out to ya real soon. Get thinking about ideas for shows and projects!

More $$$$ issues. We're proposing to UFB to get some money to fix up the holes in the walls, maybe even a water fountain (to get those eight glasses. And when you'll now have to pee more often, there will be the nice bathrooms……)

GRANTS! Money has been “grant”-ed (ouch. it's late I know.) to some folks for some really cool projects……films, photo projects, process art……. keep an eye out for creations popping up here and there, and so close to home as our very own upstairs space.

Next week's meeting is also a semi-closed one. On the table is:

  • a follow-up discussion of 3 Chairs 2 Cubes.
  • keep on brainstorming about how best to use that money….
  • a final calendar to view
  • show packet
  • keys
  • continuing projects… and around the space.
  • monologue night stuff. and, last but not least,
  • NEW MEMBER WELCOME!! Whoo- hooo!

Hm. That's all for now. Keep a smile on.


The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Nancy Johnston, Jesse Chan-Norris, Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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