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"Production Workshop Minutes"

30 november 1997

hey hey folks…….. hope everyone had a good turkey day and now it's back to business with a bang.

PRESENT: Dana Thea Giselda David Sara Sarah EJ am I missing anybody?

First things first.

Congratulations to Julie Balzer and her crew! Ist Slot next semester will be Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang, and will be fabulous. It was a really tough choice, gang–you know that…….

So………everybody keep an eye out, right when we return, for 2nd Slot posters around campus. It'll sneak up FAST!

Just a reminder that calendars for the next season are in the Becker. And, a non-real copy exists on the web, at our handy site:

MONEY. ($$$$$) : Here's the breakdown of the budget. (estimates)


  • screw guns– $400
  • safety cable– $30+
  • cheeseboroughs– $150+
  • lugs– $25+
  • booms– $170+
  • 1st Aid kit– $20-50


  • muslin– $100
  • surger/ sewing machine–$350
  • salvation army– $200


  • wood– $?
  • pipes– $210


  • new chairs– $220
  • stock paint– $50
  • tungsten-corrected film– $55
  • drywall screws– $?
  • benny's– $ leftovers

ALREADY SPENT: (just a recap)

  • stock platforms– $240
  • shelves– $90
  • folders– $12

Even larger news….. The Pro Jo 'Art and Society' Conference coming soon…..

……..on Feb 23 (thru Feb 28) upwards of 3000 folks from all over will be descending on our fair university to hear all about the STATE OF THE ARTS……

………and what does this have to do with YOU? Well. PW has a space and we want all those people to come chill in it. That means that we want all kinds of RAD STUFF to happen in the upstairs space. A Upstairs space slot? Various performances by a myriad of student groups? A gallery exhibition? Who knows.


please remeber that all SUNDAY 3:00 PW meetings are open to the public. Propose to us. Get your time in the space. Come share your ideas.


On a separate note, we have a new board policy, to be experimentally instated to see if we can improve the board-show communications. The Production Manager of a downstairs show will herein check in at the beginning of each Sunday meeting to brief the board on the show's progress, or otherwise update the show bozo by phone. This is to make sure we stay aware of what is happening in our space, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, that we make sure any assistance a show requires of the board be given in a timely manner.

Another (reinstated) policy: all writing submissions (monologues, 3 Chairs 2 Cubes etc.) will now be received annonymously. That's better, we think.

One more thing– Giselda is now our new Musical Forum liason. Yay! And speaking of which…….

FALSETTOS , a MF production directed by Alex Litow is opening this Friday, Dec. 5, at PW. Everyone come see. It runs until Monday.

And come see Woyceck, written by Buchner, adapted by Rob Erickson, in the upstairs space opening Dec. 4., @11:30 pm.

That's all. It's late. I got trapped in the Rock when they shut down for the night.

(boo hoo.)

cheer me up and come play at the P-Dub.

-comrade secretary ej

The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Nancy Johnston, Jesse Chan-Norris, Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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