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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 november 1997

special greetings to all our new e-friends who are now receiving the pw minutes!

…been gone long, but now back and ready to attack……

Present: Thea, Dana, Jesse, David, Sara C, Sarah L, ej. Where are you Eric Paul Giselda?

Diving right in:

First of all…… CONGRATULATIONS to all those involved in The Wallpaper Forest. It was beautiful. Crazy and original student theatre, plaster drip castles and caves…..come get it at PW.

Show Packet– yay Thea! We now have twelve glorious pages of everything you ever wanted to know about producing a show at PW. They're for shows in the downstairs space specifically, but if you have questions or curiousities, they will be in the Becker for all to peruse.

Yay as well for Saturday morning at 10 in the AM when the ENTIRE costume stock got dragged out of the room so that new racks may be installed. Organization may yet happen in the men's dressing room……

On the issue of organization…… we will now be checking in quickly after every event in the upstairs to make sure that all is struck to its proper places. Order is nice.

The Monday evening Informational Session went great. We're really glad to hear from the community about where we are, where we might ought to be, and to see some new faces as well. We hope that the informational side of the meeting did not get too obscured by philosophy and theory…..if folks still have questions, lots of fun stuff is on the web at , or feel free to call any board member for any question. (our #'s are listed there too.)

Further concerns? Suggestions? Curiosity? Our weekly meetings–Sunday 3 PM @ upstairs pw– are OPEN TO ALL. Please stop by and visit us. It's lonely all the way out at 5 Young O.

1st Slot proposals are due this Wednesday, and will be chosen Saturday. Sounds like we have a LOT of exciting proposals. And keep 2nd Slot, which will bechosen shortly after we return in January, on the back burners…….

** curious about what a proposal may look like? a copy of each will be in the Becker for public perusal.

Upstairs space policies are being reworked a bit. A mission statement is forthcoming. Just for clarification, upstairs shows DO NOT have access to the rest of the building. Sorry folks, but that's what is. Doesn't mean we don't love you.

$$$: A new set of shelves for the props closet is coming to house all our cool shit.

  • Mirrors for the bathrooms, folders for archives, a 1st aid kit for upstairs, are all coming,,,,,,
  • muslin and hangers are coming for the costume shop.
  • new chairs………. (Giselda?)
  • light rigging equipment paperwork is being waded through by Jesse.
  • film for our new photodocumentarist (Thea) is forthcoming…….
  • and there's gonna be a Wednesday afternoon in the near future when WATCH OUT SALVATION ARMY here we come………
    ………because next weekend is when we SPEND LIKE HELL all the rest of our budget so that the space will be filled with nice, functional goodies for the start of spring semester.

Upstairs Space Update:

  • Tuesday, 9 PM: Nick Noe's bands return to PW. BSR will be there…….. Damian Kulash and Akemi and some real cool real big art on the walls. Check it out.
  • >Thursday, 8 PM: PW welcomes the Spread: join us for a gallery/reading/performance extravaganza.
  • and keep an eye out for Buchner's Woychek, directed by Rob Erickson, coming at you on December 5th.

Another new PW job– Rentals… of the space's equipment and certain resources are now being handled jointly by Jesse and David Pressman. Whoo! Stuff.

Speaking of jobs. The Publicity Gals Thea and Sara C. are cookin'. Look out for:

  • an official PW letterhead, to grace your mail.
  • more outside organizations in PW…..
  • newspaper articles revived…..we want to be seen and HEARD, dammit.
  • outreach. to the world in general.

Thass' all for now. Next week:

  • stickers……….everywhere……..
  • proposal guidelines…..
  • a follow-up on both Wallpaper Forest and Monologues.

Hey. So I'll catch y'all later.


The Production Workshop Board is: Dana Edell, Eric Green, Emily Jan, Paul Grellong, Thea Grant, Sarah Leonard, Nancy Johnston, Jesse Chan-Norris, Mitch Goldman (on leave), Lucas Fleischer (on leave), Paula Zaslavsky (on leave), and Elizabeth Seater (on leave).


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