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"Production Workshop Minutes"

30 March 1997

Present: Everyone but ABG
sooo…..Happy fucking Easter (“christ, nice language” - lucas)

we signed up to ush/house manage One ACts, but these guys still need RUNNING CREW for the changeover at intermission. Any takers?

by the way we're in the women's dressing room. Certain board members are put off by this.

yeeeeeehaaa!! Lucas, Ann, Jeff and Dana E. will all be at williamstown this summer.

about those pesky REIMBURSEMENTS… Mitch says we're reimbursing too many people: it's a pain in the ass, it hurts us in the end when we present our budget to the Big Guys at the SAO. Our plan? Let's not do it. Zero tolerance and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Same deal with grants. People must go through Mitch and Paula first. Otherwise tuff cookies. And let's put this info in our new Welcome packet.

Speaking of just that… Paula and Jesse welcome any archival info for the upcoming packets.

Hey, are we crazy, or did we lose an 8 foot step ladder? We used one during the 1984 strike… well, lucas might buy one… or two… or maybe just one.

Lucase would sure luuuuuuv help on the One Acts set this week. Did I mention they need running crew?

In the “fun-not-business” trend at PW… Lucas and Paul, clearly having too much time on their hands, proposed renaming the inner-office “The Fort.” But hey, that's confidential.

We now have a wiffle ball set. Everybody loves wiffle ball. And walkie talkies. With all that, why ever leave strike?

We chose 6 awesome scripts for 3 chairs. Posters are in the box for the Directors Meeting (wed, 7pm, Barbour) and for audiotions (thurs/fri 7-11, Barbour). POSTER, damn it.

we didn't really talk about commencement but apparently Dima Gershenson is proposing. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya…

We didn't really talk about 1st slot either but Paulie G. those posters are funny. Who rocks the party that rocks the body?

Our agenda for Sunday's meeting?

uhhh… new members. Lots of applications. Lots. Lots.

uhhh… commencement slot? 1st slot? What do I look like, the secretary?

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