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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 March 1997

Present and Accounted for: Paula, Nikola, Paul, Cesca, Charlie, Julie, Rebecca, Eric, Jesse

Tardy: Jeff, Emily

Dearly missed: Lucas, Mitch, Dana

Musical Forum came to to visit, and after our chat, we decided that they would have a discount on rent since they are not getting the space for a full two weeks but that the run of their show could extend through Tuesday, pushing back 2×4 back one day (2×4 has exactly 8 days now, which works out just for for those of us who can do math). Paula will call Charlie to go over it with him… Go Into the Woods!

Update on 3chairs2cubes…

  • Friday march 21 scripts are due
  • Sunday march 30 decide on scripts after PW meeting
  • Wednesday April 2, 7-9pm Directors meeting
  • Thurs - Fri April 3-4 autitions will be held, time and place TBA

Ellie and Alex, two amazing and wonderful firstyears are going to PM for third slot! Whew. Dana and Cesca can do the posters and programs, and Nikola kindly gives out her phone number to be called on for random tasks. Cesca says she can check in at tech on Sunday [at the end of break].

We are going to kick off our meetings by reading last week's minutes.

Hey, our floor's flooding. again. cool. The tiles are warped, and Jesse will try to get plant ops to fix the leak (“sometime this spring” … I won't hold my breath) but we will hneed to look at getting the floor redone. someday.

New Member packets will be in the Upstairs space thursday, march 20th… 10pm. Nikola will grab an extra copy for ABG. All board members should hand deliver at least three applications so lots and lots of very cool people apply.

Jesse is also invited to attend our new member meeting, cuz our resident technician rocks.

Our next meeting will be sunday, march 30 at 10pm in the Upstairs space. Someone else will have to type the minutes. ABG and emily won't be ther, but our agenda will be:

  • 3rd slot (cesca can report since she'll stop by tech)
  • Commencement Slot (proposals due in 1 week!)
  • 1st slot
  • New members (do we need to invite more applications?)
  • Welcome packet (paula and jesse)

Have a great spring break!!! And apply to be a PW board member…

call paula x6987… it's fun! Applications due Thursday march 20 at 4pm in the becker…

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