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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 March 1997

Present and Accounted for: Marty, Paul, Cesca, Dana, Nikola, Jesse, Eric, ABG

Slow: Jeff, Lucas, Emily

Sorely missed: Mitch

Marty and Matt wanna do a cool solo performance in the downstairs space on Mon April 28. Dana can be their bozo and do all assorted cool things, like let them in the space for an afternoon as well as evening perf. They'll just use the same seating and lights and posters as the writers / directors… and we'll push our strike back until Monday night. Marty also showed us a cartwheel.

We're still searching for a PM for one-acts. We brainstormed and Nikola, Lucas, and Paul kindly volunteered to make some calls. In the meantime, Ann and Jeff are having a production meeting this afternoon. If we still don't have a PM by next meeting, the board will start dividing up various PM jobs… like run crew… whoopee.

Cesca and Dana, what's up?! Call people about grants. Cesca says “I called people” but Paula says “No. You didn't.” No fights!”

We went over our calendar, and Emily said she would talk to Musical Forum about it. We have a TON of meetings coming up, so cehck the brand new handy dandy calendar so I don't have to list them all here.

Lucas and Paul are goin' on a little pre-strike shopping spree. Have fun kids! (cuz we're all kidshere on the PW board)

Jesse's gonna email Paul a list of names of interested folks, so Paul can start a collection.

Hey now, don't forget about strike… 9:30 monday, come one come all. the pros room and costume shop need some serious help.

Tony and Elizabeth can use furniture for their projects in the Upstairs Space. The just have to put it all back when they're done.

Paula will poster and mentor Commencement slot. Proposals due to her on April 6th. Due to the SAO April 9th. They get into the space on 28th and go up May 22-25. Wow!

Paul will poster and mentor first slot proposals, due the week after commencement slot proposals. We got a busy month ahead of us… everybody should propose…

Paul and Paula are also gonna poster for New Members. Applications due March 20th, to Becker Library by 4pm. We will have packets to take home with up over Spring Break and the decision meeting will be on Sun, April 6th, noon-4. Poor Emily will have a long day. Next meeting: Sunday at 4pm, Upstairs Space Agenda: 3rd slot PM, commencement slot, 1st slot, new members… all that jazz…

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