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"Production Workshop Minutes"

7 April 1997

Everyone was there. Some of us were late, like Dana and Cesca. Some of us were Really late, like Lucas and Jeff

We voted on our fabulous new members, and Paula and Emily and Paul and Eric volunteered to be buddies for our fabulous new members. We had great applications, thank you all, and check your mail…

Nikola is the fabulous PW board member in charge of filling the mailboxes of our fabulous applicants.

Be there for strike at 11:30[pm]. The fabulous PW board signed up for late night shifts, you know, this new idea of not just saying “we'll help” (i.e. one acts? sorry lucas, but next time we'll imporve our communication) but actually signing up and going in to - gulp - help??? Novel but fabulous concept.

Next weekend PW will meet on Sunday at 3pm to decide re: Commencement slot. It appears we have three proposals and Paula, or fabulous mentor, will make sure the completed versions are in Upstairs PW by 10pm on Wed. Read 'em… or don't vote. Dana may have to miss the fabulous meeting.

Watch for posters re: 2×4 auditions. We really don't have any other information than that.

Congrats to Peter and Sarah and the casts and staff of Swan and House of Yes… two fabulous (of course) productions. We really appreciate the way you all shared the space. More theatre is a fabulous thing.

Emily, did you give Musical Forum their keys? And make copies for new members?

Propose for first slot! Call Paul! Cme see Into The Woods (Sat - Tues)! Have a fabulous day!

Agenda… Commencement, First slot, Welcome fabulous new mmebers, PW jobs, welcome backet, keys… isn't life fabulous????

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