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"Production Workshop Minutes"

15 january 1978

Chairperson: Judd Silverman

Guests: Ruth Buckley, Chris Varley

Pictures for Yearbook:

  • Ted Lemon will ask Yolanda about hers
  • Ada will take care of the list of shows.
  • All by Feb. 10.

Resignations: Bruce Tracy


  • One full production meeting.
  • Has all tech people.
  • Ok on preliminary budget.
  • Tryout dates to be announced.

New Proposals:

  • People interested in directing after spring break can and should come talk to us Feb. 19.
  • Proposals will be accepted on Feb 26 for the following slots: April 14-16; April 18-30; May 12-14.

Five Dreams:
New unbeatable team of bozos none other than Lawson Shadburn and Ada Citron!

Directors who are working in the space should attend all PW meetings during the time that they are occupying the space.

New Rules and Regulations:

  • Any member absent from 3 consecutive meetings or 4 nonconsecutive meetings during a single semester without medical or personal excuse is eligible for a loss of voting privilege to be decided by the remaining board. Passed - 9:0:0.
  • The minimum vote required for appointing new members is a simple majority of those members present at the meeting. Passed - 8:0:1.

New Members:
Welcome to Ruth Buckley, Laura Worthen, and Leslie Barton.

Next Meeting: Feb. 5, 1978.

See you there,


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Taken by Ada Citron, htmlized by garland.

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