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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 october 1977

Chairperson: Zinger


  • Tech. Tues. at 8:30 for 1st Weekend. Ted will take care of it.
  • Bruce will set up Tech. for 2nd weekend.
  • Bruce needs program info. SOON.
  • Flyers will be ready Tues. in SAO.
  • Weekend of 21st: Mark, Dan, intermission, Nancy
  • Kate will find a dimmer board operator
  • Andy Weiner will do sound 2nd weekend.

No more $, sorry.

Safety Officer is required to appear pre-Dress Tech to check out the situation, post maximum capacity incl. Standing Room.

Reserved Seats are still a problem.
From now on Directors are required to bring a list to the PW Meeting the Sun. before they open. For additions must contact bozo.
Reserved seats are only for out-of-towners!!!!!!
Reservations are to make themselves known to House Managers.

Mike Schladen wants to do Improvisation in space.
Possible to work him in with Charlie Varon. See you next semester.


  • Kate finds no coherent relevant evidence of any PW forms.
  • She will rewrite Usher and House Manager sheets, also for Reserved Seats copies for board members.
  • Bring producers and directors manuals, contracts next week.

Bozos must keep directors in line!
Judd is Bruce's bozo. Bruce needs a dimmer board operator, stage manager.

Michael Lewis, grad student from TA25, wants to work in space next semester. needs a director. Come to proposals.

Lawson and Ada visit UCS, willl see Dean Bechtel about survival issue.
Need facts and figures, Judd.

Doors: Ted is taking care of everything. Visit Mr. Hill encore.

Sign for NSETW: Bruce and Lawson will discuss it.

New Members: We are looking for you… come to our meetings Sun 12:30 upstairs in Faunce House. Better yet, work in the space!

Le Fin

PW — Do you have a gun?


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