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"Production Workshop Minutes"

9 october 1977

Chairperson: Ted Lemon

Fire Laws in Rhose Island require curtains, doors or some kind of opening at the Exits during a show. On this basis Moonchildren is a potential fire hazard. This will be corrected. (Ted wants a black door.)

New Student Experimental Theater Workshop:
Seating will be changed to 3/4 round to avoid safety hazards.


  • Directors have all royalty bills addressed:

c/o Bill Supranant

  Student Activities Office
  Brown University
  Attention PW
* When requesting royalty prices never quote a seating capacity of over 100!

Space Problem:
Lawson and Ada and one or two members of Caucus after checking with the Theater Dept. will go to speak to Dean Glicksman about the nasty rumors that have been threatening our space.

Technical organization meeting Tues. nite Lawson, Ted and Bruce.

$35.00 more allocated. Final budget: $335.00.

General Business:

  • Board members bring all PW forms next week.
  • Ted will see SAO about doors.
  • Maybe we need some new members?
  • Secretary is responsible for placing an ad in the BDH the opening day of each show. There is $ in our budget for this.
  • Next week Mark Richard will get reimbursed for broken prop from last year.


  1. Judd Silverman, The Dance of Death, for Nov.
  2. Bill Sikov, The Crucible, for Dec.
  3. Elaine Perry, Compilation Script-Shaw, 1 hr., for Dec.
  4. Charley Varon, An Evening with Tom Foolery, 1 hr., for a free slot between shows.
  5. Janet Gladish, Yolanda Broad, A Tortoise Named Dostoyevsky, 1 hr. Translation.
  6. Bruce Tracy, I am a Camera, for Dec.


  • November 18-20: The Dance of Death
  • December 9-11: I am a Camera

C'est tout!


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