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"Production Workshop Minutes"

20 march 1977

Everyone present except Ms. Lettvin & Garner; Nora chaired.

Lloyd's show opens next week. All housemanagers and ushers should contact Lloyd and Nora about the special seating instructions for the scaffolding.

Ben and Lloyd also asked for money for Rustoleum to paint the floor. We gave them $60 to buy some.

Phil Sweelland also attended, asking to be reimbursed for the dancing outfit he rented for After Magritte. The cancelled check he gave us is for $29.68. After balking at the price, the board granted that he would be reimbursed.

John Gyory attended to report on his show. He is still looking for women for his show, but has his other roles cast. He also asked if he could cut up some of the platforms, or could have more money to build them. After much discussion it was discovered that he needed only $6 in addition to his budget. He was told to do “what is necessary.” John was also referred to John Lucas for information on Johnson garage.

The keys were brought up again — who should have the keys? This question came up as a result of the visit of Jim Wheaton and Scott Burkholder.

Kate asked if her usher/H.M. list met with everyone's approval. House managers come at 6:45, ushers at 7.

Judd brought up problems with bathrooms being locked downstairs on show nights. It was decided that the stage manager of the show should contact security each night to get the doors open.


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