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"Production Workshop Minutes"

10 december 1977

Chairperson: Ada

Tortoise Named Dostoyefsky:

  • TD Ted Lemon, Bret Morgan
  • SM Kate Burton
  • It is the feeling of the PW Board that Yolanda should cast this week.


  • Needs a master carpenter. Someone has been suggested.
  • Royalties: $50, $35, $35. Total budget: $275.00.

Ted will attend yet another meeting of the Student Activities Committee to see that we get them as quickly and quietly as possible.

Tonight 10:15. Be there.

Garbage Pick-up:
It seems they cost $50. Judd will investigate further.


  • We will choose a chairperson monthly from now on.
  • The secretary will do her job.
  • From now on proposal dates will be well scheduled in advance so as to inform the community at large and also so that the board members will make sure that they are free the afternoon and evening of that particular day. Most probably from now on we will take a 1 hr. break between receiving and deciding.
  • We would like to remind everyone that our meetings which occur every Sunday at 12:30 in the TV Lounge (2nd floor Faunce) are OPEN MEETINGS. Anyone is welcome.
  • Furthermore, since this particular group of people functions as a board we prefer to accept criticism and complaints of our actions and policies only at these meetings where everyone may clearly speak for themselves.
  • In regards to determining what goes up in the space, the present board sets a high priority on bringing outside things that look promising. We are leaning very strongly (finally) towards the importance of the learning experience that working in Production Workshop can be.
  • It must also be remembered that each time we accept proposals is a unique situation. Competition is one of the most determining factors.

Again, we stress, that if anyone has any comments, questions or complaints they are invited to voice them at any PW meeting.

Next Meeting:
Jan. 8 and every Sunday thereafter until intersession.

Amusez vous bien,


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Taken by Ada Citron, htmlized by garland.

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