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"Production Workshop Minutes"

31 october 1976

Present: All board members and visitors: Rob Barron, Ava Seave, Ann Costelloe, Audrey Wolfson, Lloyd Levitt, Monica Mills

Rob Barron made some suggestions:

  1. PW should put out a flyer announcing all the plays which will be done in a certain semester, as well as their audition dates and performance dates.
  2. All directors per semester should be gotten together to decide audition dates, so no conflicts.
  3. PW's seating policy should be better enforced.

This last suggestion brought on much discussion. It was decided that the bozo for a show should explain the seating policy to the cast, director and stage manager sometime early on in the rehearsal period.

Other aspects of performance regulations: House manager and ushers must know where fire extinguishers are, as well as placing themselves near light switches in case of emergency. House managers should ask WBRU to PLEASE keep their door shut during performances. Stage manager or House manager should announce that there is no smoking or taking of photographs during shows. Also that donations will be accepted at the end of the performance. These announcements, made immediately prior to “curtain”, should also be put in all programs.

Rob also suggested that RESERVED FOR sheets be printed up, as many as will last us until the end of time or whenever we get kicked out of Faunce House. This suggestion met with some ridicule. The board, however, in all fairness, will give it some consideration.

Rob also suggested that we have a timetable sign-up sheet for proposal dates, which will be (get out your calendars, everybody) DECEMBER 5. Proposals for shows in February and March will be made on that date. Posters announcing this matter will be going up later this week. REMEMBER, you got it here first!

Monica Mills asked for funding to have her original musical typed up. The board explained that it cannot fund such pre-pre-production costs. Monica's script will be placed on reserve in Lyman and we will all disregard any typos.

In regards to putting scripts on reserve:

  • We advise all of you who are going to propose for February and March to get your scripts to Lyman.
  • Kate Burton: “We should all read them.”
  • Barb Ensor: “I think we're awfully haughty if we think we don't have to read the scripts.”
  • Resolved: It is a good idea to read scripts before considering or passing proposals.


  • Bruce will do the display case and the sign.
  • David Garner will take publicity photos.
  • Nora will ask Tech HIFI if we can borrow two components necessary for sound for one-acts. We may be interested in buying them eventually, now that we've gotten our INSURANCE MONEY back for the stuff that was stolen. HURRAY!
  • Nora suggested that keys to rooms be kept with security and checked out, but this will not solve our security problem. Only a rekeying may, and that will be requested.
  • Nora reported on our financial situation and thanks to the insurance company, things look pretty good for now. To keep saving, let's do as much copying as we can at the BROWN COPY CENTER.

CONGRATULATIONS to our NEW BOARDMEMBERS: Judd Silverman & Mike Rozansky. We're glad to have you aboard.



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