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"Production Workshop Minutes"

27 october 1976

In attendance: Nora, Lawson, Kate, Bruce, Ben, Evie, Ann C., Mark R., Audrey W., Alfie K. (Barb was sewing her last stitches)

One-Act Business:

  • All directors were informed that a great deal of set-up will be done SUNDAY night at BUTLEY strike, so all participants in these shows should attend. We will work long into the night, so that Wednesday and Thursday (next work days) will not be totally unbearable and cause workers to perish.
  • Miss Costelloe asked pertinent questions concerning the mounting of the one-acts. Thanks to all one-act directors who attended. We will see you again Sunday at 12:30, to hear how things are coming along.

Technical report:

  • Lawson informed us that the lamps for the cans have been ordered and should arrive at Mr. Supprenant's soon.
  • We look forward to seeing the light.
  • Now that the Strike is over, the BRU filter should be installed.

The board thanks Mark Richard for his comments on proposal procedure and future suggestions for smoother running one-acts. Discussion of these issues is always welcome.

The board discussed new members.

Next meeting:
12:30 Sunday (when else?) in the AIRPORT LOUNGE. The board encourages those who have further comments along the line of Mark Richard's to attent this week's meeting.

See you all at BUTLEY strike.

Respectfully submitted,
Evie Lettvin


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