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"Production Workshop Minutes"

14 november 1976

All board members present, as well as Directress Sharon (The Knack) Grodin, Lloyd Lynford and Michael O'Connell.

After Sharon told us what kinds of things had to be done at ONE-ACT STRIKE tonight, we all convinced her not to move the seating platforms to the other side of the room. We all gave lots of good reasons, but the best one of all is that it's just simply a pain in the you-know-where to do it.

Lloyd Lynford gave us a sneak preview of his proposal for second semester. The name of this one's Misunderstanding or Cross Purposes (plus, it has another name in French!) and is by some guy named Camus. ANY OTHER DIRECTORS WHO WANT TO SAY “HI!” BEFORE THE ACTUAL D-DAY (December 5) ARE WELCOME TO SNEAK PREVIEW THEIR PROPOSALS AT THIS WEEKEND'S MEETING.

TAKE NOTE PROSPECTIVE DIRECTORS!!! Please sign up for a specific proposal time on December 5th. There is a timetable posted on the PW Bulletin Board (right next to the Art Gallery). Proposals will begin at 12 NOON and should be limited to 15 minute presentations. Any questions? Please call a board member.

Monica Mills (who dropped in after official attendance was taken) informed us that her original musical is now in script form and on reserve in Lyman Library. Other scripts being proposed which are on reserve:

  • Our Town
  • Born Yesterday
  • Misunderstanding
  • Jean Brodie

Sorry if I have left any out, prospective directors…
Others… if you want us to know what the play you're proposing is about, please place them on reserve in Lyman Library. It's painless and it doesn't cost anything, either.
New member Rozansky inquired as to whether he could take these PW reserve readings out overnight. We all YELLED at him — NO, NO, NO! Mr. Mike has been reported to have been hanging out around Lyman Library a lot recently. Try again next week, Mike.

Bruce (Graphicist-in-Residence) Tracy reported that Barbara Ensor hopes to propose “an original thing” — quasi-puppets, quasi-children's theater. Come and tell us about it, Barb. We'd like to hear more.

Ben (Playwright-in-Residence) Lemon reported on George Bass and the Schuberts. They'd like to use the space at the very end of second semester. Although they'd like an earlier slot as well, Ben let George know that that's dubious.

Evie said “let's fix the accordian door, where the audience enters — like, get rid of it and get a new one.” Everyone else said, HEAR, HEAR!

If anyone encounters a BRU #¢%*@(, don't answer any questions, especially about the filter. Refer all inquiries to Lawson of PWUSA, and Steve David of WBRU.

Our electricity will be moving in December (Where? South for the Winter?)

Quote of the week: The people at BRU are #*$¢@*%*(S! — Bruce Tracy

Longwindedly again,


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