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"Production Workshop Minutes"

letter from Lawson Shadburn to Eve Lettvin — 28 july 1976

Dear Eve,

Forgive my summer station[e]ry. I hope that your summer has been peaceful and, at least, moderately productive, as mine has been.

I'm supposed to write the board and tell everyone about our September 15 meeting at 12:00 in the airport lounge (or rather, remind them about it). Are Smokey, Kate, Bruce, Ben, Nora, you and I the only board members? I'd hate to forget anyone, and I feel like I have. I thought that you might know, since you're the secretary (I think). Please let me know if I'm right. I should be in Providence by August 16 (in case it takes you that long to write).

I've been putting together a small booklet on technical production of plays in P.W. — where to buy things, what we have — lights, set, etc. If you have any ideas for this, please write them down, and maybe we can all compare notes and add up our ideas to something useful in September.

I hope this gets to you — please reply soon.

Take care,


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written by Lawson, htmlized by garland.

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