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HERE: Becca, Abby, Megan, Adam, Deepali, Margaret, Erica (Faustus), Leandro, David (The Visit), Justin, Serge, Patrick, Jenny, Zach (Upspace), Alejandra (Upspace)

MISSING: Zack (tech), Jon (tech), Jessie (jogar al football)

ROSES: The Visit, Faustus and donuts, the gifts you give yourself, aunt who knows about The Visit loved The Visit, Archie the puppy, miracle futon-assembling little brother, drive starring ryan gosling, seven new pirates, friend from home visited, Justin's haircut and Patrick's backpack and alcohol, finally decided on classes, went out dancing with boyfriend, The Visit

THORNS: complicated friendships, law school, dependence, being thrown into a wall, housemate rough patch, hasn't touched a book in the past week, asked those girls if they spoke English, 2 and a half hours of sleep and a long day ahead, mess, massive amounts of work, actually has to take classes, got locked out of apartment, life in shambles


  1. it opened!
    • everybody likes it!
  2. show has been running about 2 hrs 25 min
  3. German reception is tonight
    • they are bringing like 37 people to see the show
    • Megan would like if the upspace was swept, we will stay after the meeting
    • also we need to emphasize to upspace people that they must sweep!
    • we'll get the furniture out of here, benches can stay
  4. someone should film the show
    • do we know anybody who can do that?
    • if not, David will film it tonight
    • we have a tripod for him if he needs it
    • maybe should film two nights to get everything
  5. issue with counts last night Hming
    • some people just kind of walked in from the waitlist
    • really be at the door checking tickets
  6. what's our policy on staff saving seats?
    • you can reserve seats for people you can reserve tickets for, non-Brown students
    • exception was made for Gross Indecency people, but we won't do this again
  7. strike jobs
    • in the space—Leandro, Adam, Becca, Serge (lights)
    • costumes—Abby
    • electrics—Margaret
    • furniture—Patrick
    • props—Jenny
    • shop—Becca
    • green room—Zack, Deepali
    • chairs—Zack, Justin
    • paint—Deepali
    • strike will be at 10:45
    • Abby will call for pizza


  1. trying to get a budget set
    • Erica will start an email chain for designers to tell her their budgets
  2. we are trying to get departmental funding
    • UFB maybe frowns upon this but we should just go ahead with it until they say something
  3. Patrick should be getting production emails
  4. Megan will send Erica a PM shpeel
  5. Megan and Justin will read the Faustus New Works app


  1. applications are due tomorrow
  2. Serge will try and finagle filling in of weeks as much as possible
  3. Brownbrokers applied for two events
    • they applied for a night of songs and mini-musicals
    • we will count them as applying for the mini-musical festival and try and fit them in for the new songs night if possible
  4. Leber doesn't know how to get keys
    • Serge will give Zach keys after this meeting
  5. MF is going to paint the floor sometime in the next 3 days after 11 or before noon
    • Abby will tell them to email Leber/Rufa, cc Serge/Zack in order to coordinate better


  1. plays are due Tuesday at 5 pm
  2. Megan will see how many plays there are and get a sense of things
  3. we'll meet after Faustus on Wednesday
  4. directing apps are due Saturday
    • Megan should reserve rooms now for auditions
    • we'll assign audition monitors next week
  5. Gillian Michaelson is our light designer
    • we'll ask for an ALD in the email
    • we need another SM also, email!
  6. Megan has a blurb for the front page about 3C2C
    • Jon and Abby are responsible for the front page, get on that!


  1. Zack has contacted Gordy
  2. Adam and Margaret like literally JUST met


  1. Margaret/Leandro's upspace project applied
    • Megan and Justin will look at both of those


  1. Justin will get on Ben for receipts


  1. we have a dumpster for Monday
  2. the dimmers are an issue
    • they are flickering, going out randomly
    • Megan will call ATR tomorrow, get a sense of what the problem is
    • we need to replace connectors, Megan got 28 new ones
  3. Tim Reilly is sending Becca out of office replies because he is out of the office


  1. Megan
    • we will tentatively set Visions for 5th/6th
    • weekly meeting will be on Saturday at 11
    • is wondering about how to operate facebook as PW, Leandro will show her
    • what's the deal with projector stuff? If somebody has free time, look it up
  2. Abby
    • on Tuesday at 5 Abby will unplug the server, bring it to Tech House, where it will be updated as part of a demonstration
    • our website will be offline for 2-3 hours
    • send a note about the website being down in the email!
    • New Mems will be on the 13th of November, with hopeful inish that week
  3. Patrick
    • Justin will regularly help Patrick with the furniture room
  4. Becca
    • the toe rails currently on the seating plats will be designated for that purpose
    • Gracie Canaan is designing Spelling Bee and wants to know if she can start building/storing stuff in the shop immediately, Becca said she can start doing stuff after Faustus strike
    • she needs to be trained, Becca will email someone at EHS about it
    • we'll give her a corner to put stuff in
  5. Jenny
    • is officially second signatory!
  6. Justin
    • has one submission for the bakeoffs
    • make clear that 3C2C are not mutually exclusive things
  7. Adam
    • is headed to Home Depot to spend lots of money
    • pretty much all inventory stuff, if anybody wants to go down the list talk to him
    • he and Serge think we should buy four 70 degree barrels, Serge will price it out and let us know
  8. Serge
    • everybody remind people on the show to return keys
    • did we ever get an upspace key back from Ben? Zack, do you know about this?
    • if anybody wants to trade in their 22, 23, 24 for an LA see Serge

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 10/2 at 11 AM

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