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PW Replacement Minutes Tuesday Feb. 20

Present: Justin, Drew, Kait, Todd, Alex, Allison, Paul, Hannah, Joe

Missing: Everyone from MacBett, Alana, Mazer, Sarah

NOTE FOR THE MINUTES: IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TODAY!* *=added because everyone was seemingly miserable. But it's true! The day was beautiful.

Justin; Let's just start. Go around for names for our new WITS people.

*Todd does it for all of us.

Hannah: That was lackluster.

Todd: I want to go to bed.

Justin: 2nd Slot!

Kait: Spoke to the people for rights, they're ok for changes to the script, and lowered royalty payments from 80 for all to 80 for first and 70 for each subsequent show. Still too much, want to beg for money.

Justin: Well, we can not tell them about the 5th show.

Joe: What about Late Night Fund if you do a late show?

Alex: They are only supposed to do New Events.

*Much Scrabble stuff, scrabble parties, etc.

Justin: Rights?

Alex: We have a policy, and we ask that proposers have some idea of what they're doing when they propose, including the payments for rights.

Todd: We didn't even used to have our $200 until about a year and a half ago.

Justin: Does anyone have a problem with not telling them about the 5th show?

Allison: Want to be careful, because Chris O has us and rights on his radar.

Justin: Well, I talked to him the other day and we're cool. Just talked about the clerical error.

Paul: Oona, the LD, wants to know if we'll eventually strike the rest of ADH's lights, since they'll start hanging next week. Also Adria wants to know if we'll ever clear the wood and platform, as well as finish the sweeping, since they'll start dealing with building soon. Finally, Michael's been late. He either shows up late, or keeps us in late, and it's only the first week. He even once looked down at his watch and said “Oh look, it's 11:00, I can't talk about (blank). But…” and proceeded to talk for 12 minutes.

Justin: Mazer?

Paul: I don't know what he could conceivably do. Too bad we couldn't have foreseen this issue…

Justin: WITS!

Many: Yay!

Joe: Thanks for letting me do this project.

Justin: Any questions? Concerns?

Joe: I may have more after meeting with Adria. Still, all the things we discussed in our proposal remain true. Bands still want to play. Jim Moses is psyched. So I need to talk to Andrew, Alana, and Adria. Hannah? Hannah; Until we get closer to the dates, we don't have much to mention…

Alex: What about the PW Prom?

Joe: RIGHT! Right, that needs to get discussed eventually… we'd love some help from the board.

Todd: Also, I have a few questions for later concerning alcohol, bouncers, etc.

Hannah: We need to discuss thing, for example, alcohol makes it seem like more of a party, and it might be worth it to get the liquor license. But, we could easily do it without.

Alex: Would make things much easier.

Joe: We might be able to handle all the party logistics.

*more talk, including

Justin:  How does charging for drinks change policy?
Hannah: We once had a strange "invite only" meaning out e-mail list.

Joe: Any questions for me?

Todd: I guess, in terms of sound stuff, take a look at what we have before you bring in too much stuff, because I know you want it to be loud, but our stuff isn't wimpy.

Joe: I'm going to ask Jim to look around. I know a digital mixer would make things tons easier.

Alex: Also, as you probably remember from your experience from Hedwig, the space is really echo-ey, so consider putting up anti-echo couches, etc.

Joe: Let's put couches up!

Hannah: We'll talk to Adria about installing Doov (sic?) in the set.

Justin: 3rd Slot! I know of three.

Alex: I know of three.

Allison: I know of three.

Justin: Then we have possibly 9 proposals.

Todd: Not likely.

Justin: Paul? What are you proposing?

Paul: It's a play I wrote, and am finishing. It's going to be lots of fun, I hope.

Alex: Tell them what it's called.

Paul: Currently, Cantankerous Stynch and Noxious, the Ne'er-do-well. With a name like that, you know it's gonna be ridiculed next Saturday.

Justin: Also proposing is Patrick Harrison and Jeff Wood, with Wojtek.

Todd: NO! No more crazy plays!

Justin: And the student-written Lawn. Anything else? No? Okay, Upstairs Space…

Alex: Two let ins: Thursday @ 11:00 am, and Saturday @ 9:00 am.

Paul: Dibs on Saturday.

Todd: I'll be hung over on Thursday

Alex: You could probably do it hung over.

Todd: Who is it?

Alex: Jon Russ.

Todd: He'd kill me. He has my number. I'll do it.

Justin: Anything else for Upstairs Space.

Alex: Matt promised me he'd strike lights.

Justin: We have issues striking lights, apparently. That's because everyone who can is locked in Leeds all week.

Hannah: I want to start an Anti-Locked-in-Leeds Campaign!

Drew: Space Maintenance?

Allison: Sink in <somewhere> is awful, still broken.

Justin: What's next. New members?

Hannah: Has anyone expressed interest?

Allison: Probably everyone from last time except 3 new people?

Todd eats wrapper of his Coke


*Todd is shaking. Laughter, or Hunger?!?

Allison: Do our new members have buddy-people? Can we put that in the e-mail? “If you're interested, contact Yames.”

Justin: James can bring the requests up at meetings and we can volunteer for them.

Drew and Justin joke about what it would mean if they were board buddies. Giggidy

Hannah; For the most part, none of us have been locked in Leeds?

Todd, eating Coke wrapper: Look what it's done to me!?!?!

Justin: New Directors (nothing)? Seating Platforms? Dimmers ?


Todd: He's pissed we didn't answer our e-mails. I told him we were in tech.

Allison: Seating plats? We need shapes. Elliot?

Alex: Someone is supposed to draw me shapes. I await them.

Paul: What about Soundproofing? I remember we approved the appraisal, have we moved forward in that?

Todd: As mentioned before, we're in tech.

Alex: Business: this rule that’s long and arcane involving missing meetings being penalized by not allowing them to vote during decision meetings. I know I'm preaching to the choir, since we're all here, but it seems people don't prioritize the meetings.

Further discussion about hopefully being able to make meetings once everything calms down. –

Paul's Note: For the record, this didn't just focus on MacBett-related absences. It included: (Potentially, as we don't know for sure) Not putting this meeting as a conflict for Rocky callbacks, or similar random e-mails a day before or the day of saying “can't make it” when it was clearly scheduled far in advance. None of the five-six of us at the meeting were especially thrilled about either type of absence. That being said, please remember we love you all and know we're all only human.

Allison: People in MacBett were aware that the meeting was happening. new Business: McGardy is offering us a couch from John Street. No catch, he just doesn't want it.

*Everyone says to take it.

Justin: McGardy wants to destroy our stairs. Says they're worthless.

Drew: They are.

Justin: Anything against this?

*Nobody really has a strong objection.

Todd: I imagine him with a pickaxe, destroying them.

Hannah; For the minutes: Sarah, can you look into the detail of Prom: What would we have to do to get this stuff passed by the University. Liquor? How could get serve it? What logistical issues would we run into.

Justin: We still need to decide whether or not we'll actually, say, have a party when there's Doov in the space.

Hannah: There's not a whole lot to do because hey hey! No one's here.

Todd: Might have some trouble with PW Prom and concert crowd, who, while probably very nice, doesn't feel the same attachment to this space that we do. Might spill, cause trouble.

Hannah: Maybe we could advertise to our traditional venues to get our traditional people.

Charly, Jessie enters. Apparently, others behind.

Elliot, Andrew, James enter.

Elliot has 2 items of business: One, I dunno if we talked about the audition workshop, or the relative success of it on many levels, but it came up in S&B, and we're interested in co-sponsoring/organizing another one. I think that the audition workshop was successful for those who came, but very few actually attended. We might want another one, and S&B was interested.

Yames: A concern: I kind of don't want faculty there.

Elliot: S&B already agreed upon no faculty, a step ahead of you.

Yames: It would be inappropriate, say, if Lowry were to show up.

Alex: What would co-sponsoring entail?

Elliot: Probably just putting it in the ads, “S&B and PW are…” When S&B heard about it, they began to glow, and would love to help out any way they can. Anyone want to help?

Allison volunteers.

Elliot: Got an e-mail from Jesse Geiger, AD for Merrily, asking about PW proposal processes. Just wanted to make sure/see what they think about an MFA student proposing for the downspace.

Yames: Is he MFA Directing?

Elliot: Yes.

Alex: Would they have time for that?

Hannah: I think we should at least let it be known that we focus to undergrads.

Elliot: I think he knows, but he was saying part of it for him was he wanted to bridge some gaps between Undergrad and grad. Think he's a second year MFA.

Justin: I think we can accept his proposal, but just have to know it will be a factor.

Yames: If he indeed proposes, we can't have the feedback that says “you were MFA”

*People disagree.

Todd: I think the thing is Downspace is for people to direct if they can't otherwise. And MFA Directing students obviously have opportunities to direct.

Alex: Do you have Seating Plats drawings?

Elliot: Not yet.

Hannah: Sorry to make this the third time to bring this up, but Prom…explains* (see earlier minutes: liquor licenses, doing it after the concert, etc.) What do you think?

Elliot: I think it's a cool idea.

Hannah: So we can at least pursue it.

Justin: I still have some concerns about it being in the Downspace.

Todd: PW crowd who usually comes knows the sanctity of the Downspace. This new crowd might bring issues.

Andrew: Is it like a big party? Or…

Todd: It's like a theatre party, but at PW. People feel comfortable coming.

Hannah; Sometimes people would come dressed as P and W, so there could be a costume-theme to it.

Elliot: I think PW Prom would be something like a frathouse party if we were a frat. But not with the people you'd find at frat parties.

Hannah: There's no funneling of beers.

Andrew: That's the only purpose people had for funnels when I looked for it.

Justin: Should we discuss this next week? Doesn't look like we'll get very far.

*re-iterating that we should pursue it further.

Hannah: Lots of positives, like Joe's brother doing it for free. But we'll look at everything.

*Brief discussion on the whole “board members aren't here.” James says, in the case of MacBett absences, that it couldn't have possibly been averted tonight.

*Conversation eventually dies. People get tired and leave.

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