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"Production Workshop Minutes"

20 may 2007

In attendance: scampen, Allison, Andrew, Lube, Hannah, Daria, Lelio, James, Mazer, Ross, Justin
Away: Albert, Alana, Paul- all at Park Play- and Jessie. she forgot it was Sunday.
Visiting: Adria, Drew


  • they had wet tech- it went well.
  • We do seating plats after the meeting.
  • tickets go online Monday night 11:59 pm
  • House Managers
    • Wed 8: Andrew (*who will pick up programs from Metcalf*), Lube
    • Thurs 2: Daria, James?, Todd
    • Thurs 8: Mazer, Sarah
    • Fri 2: Hannah? Andrew?
    • Sat 8: Alana will be at the show- but need someone else to do the 6:30-8 portion.
  • Also, the wheelchair and bed need to be returned to Trinity
  • Strike – will be at 10pm Sat night. Come then if you can, other people come and leave as you need.
    • Run it: Rose
    • Electrics Room: Alana
    • Electrics Space: Todd/Drew (Justin adds: but they're all STILL up there 3 weeks later! you fuckfaces)
    • Green/Costume: Sarah, Jessie
    • Box: Lube
    • Furniture: you know
  • Benches will be returned to the despot.
  • We decide that we will paint the floor- at least the red portion. *James and Ross will get another can of flat black and some rollers. (Justins adds: the floor is also still very much red)


  • Had a design and set meeting. Using a refrigerator. Amazing set photos online.
  • Todd is sorry he asked about the Jewish cake.
  • Reslife is too swamped to deal with housing for next semester. Will have to call again after graduation. Daria apologizes and we reject her apology. And hit James.


  • Park Play's got it.
  • MF will use Stuart most likely
  • MF is coming to look at costumes. ok.


  • The door isn't broken! We should rebreak it for Todd so he can get in.


  • here. Still trying for a rack. Todd will harass people from NY if it takes that. Drew says: “This is a very strange company”. We generally disapprove of Todd doing the electrixs himself, and should bring in a (university?) electrician.


  • tabled


  • tabled


  • tabled


  • are here! in the hot room! We decide to rally for 3pm Tuesday to work on costumes, with spillover to Wednesday if needed.


  • here


  • SAO has put a moritorium on weapons onstage. We get angry and yell for awhile about how they are censoring us, and it doesn't really have anything to do with safety at all. Apparently, the plan is to form a committee this summer and figure something out- a process through which students may acceptably use weapons onstage, and the SAO, etc. will know about it and have okd it beforehand.
  • we decide we will try to get a student on this committee- that they underestimate our intelligence and it is important that we be part of this discussion. But… we don't know if they will open this committee to students.
  • We consider going to the Rabbi. Apparently, Drew already talked to him and the Rabbi said to go to Chris O'neill and Ricky re guns. He doesn't want some student doing something stupid and ruining it for others.
  • Rose has a problem with how this is working fundamentally.

CAPTURE THE MAMMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • 6pm Lincoln Field. Team Dino is wearing red. Headband and/or facepaint desirable. We will dominate and destroy.



  • there are many ways to connect things. Should we buy extra sound cable? USB cable at $27 for 10 ft.? We say *buy *it!
  • James says we should have as many dongles as possible. A dongle is an adaptor, apparently.


  • lost stuffed cat.


  • His mom is excited about her new PW job. *Andrew* will put her in contact with Lelio's mom.


  • oh wait. First Lelio says he is going to Laura Linney's house to do creepy things.
  • then: for our commencement 'showaround', we have Maya so far.

Justin et al:

  • Alumni. We decide to tell him thanks, and we will start working on it at the start of next semester. We agree that money is nice if its for projects we are already thinking of doing, we don't want to be sponsored to do a specific project or type of project. So, things we are thinking about: a student written slot, 14 48, site specific slot.
  • We should have an early decision meeting to talk about all this stuff- and talk about these ideas outside of the possible money context.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Ross Cowan, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Elliot Quick, James Rutherford, Jessie Hopkins, Alana Jacoby, Adam Mazer, Alex Rosental, Justin Spiegel, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Albert Huber, Alex Lubensky, Paul Meier, Daria Marinelli, Kaya Schmandt (abroad), Tara Schuster (abroad), Charly Simpson (on leave) and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Sarah, wiki-fied by Justin.

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