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HERE: Patrick, David (The Visit), Serge, Becca, Adam, Jon, Megan

MISSING: Jessie (getting tribal tattoos), Jenny (tech), Leandro (tech), Abby (Boston), Zack (a cappella), Margaret (tech),

ROSES: games and jokes, people are crazy and the world is beautiful, imagining job in LA, the art on the wall, McGarty came over last night, don't care that much, things are good today, reasons to bring donuts, this coming week,

THORNS: nights, under the weather, starting to stress about finding work, syllabi, shit really not together, bad at saying no, unnecessary training, scheduling, this past week


  1. designers are within budget
    • Meredith needs to communicate expenses
    • David and her will talk about reimbursements
  2. additional $800 for the show from grants
  3. needs P.O. for programs
    • $79 for posters, $30 for programs
  4. going to website-listed venues for publicity
  5. issue with LNF because Faustus is also applying
    • this is not an official policy but they're set in their ways
    • not a problem for The Visit, but we should figure this out as a board
  6. should tell cast about German dept. reception
    • we should know how many tickets they're reserving
  7. Serge will show David Blue room
  8. HM
    • F8 Patrick, Serge
    • S8 Zack, Jon
    • Su2 Abby, Megan
    • Su8 Becca, Deepali
    • M8 Adam, Justin
  9. strike stuff
    • start at 10:30
  10. plats
    • Tuesday at 11
    • will put some plats on the ground for actor alleys today


  1. Erica should start coming to meetings
  2. auditions were good
  3. model at John st, can't move it
    • Adam will show it to Abby
  4. first read through on 24th


  1. everybody get on your stuff from last week
  2. Megan will make a facebook event
  3. put it on the front page!


  1. submissions due 26th
  2. Ben will take down his lovely art today
  3. we should be better about monitors
    • we will set monitors for Leber/Rufa next week
  4. we should paint the floor black for them
    • we will ask MF if they can do it by next strike
    • if they can't, we'll just do it
    • Serge will find out when Leber/Rufa is loading in


  1. MF is November 6th
  2. earlier we can do it the better
  3. we decided on October 22nd
    • we know it's Faustus but nothing else really works


  1. we could do Nov. 12th/13th
    • people who are not here see if that works for you
    • we'll do it tentatively at 206 power


  1. they came, they talked to us
    • SAO, Tim Reilly, awesome EHS director, student life people,
  2. we didn't actually do a walkthrough
  3. talked about table saw, dust collection, ladders/scaffolding
    • pretty much what we expected
  4. ladders
    • they want us to get rid of the wooden ones, use scaffolding
    • we hinted that scaffolding training is expensive
    • we can talk to them about getting a platform ladder
    • we need to give informal ladder/scaffolding training sessions, which is good/what we basically do anyway
  5. we're meeting with them in about two weeks
    • we'll get our ducks in a row before that
  6. they want us to get the cabinet SawStop because there's less dust
    • this will probably not happen as soon as we have to talk about paying for it
    • they know we can't really afford this stuff and are into getting us money
  7. we'll have to do some training for the shop
    • we convinced them that it's a very small amount of people who end up building
    • we'll do it on a case by case basis
  8. they want us to figure out TD and build crew early on
    • we told them that's pretty impossible, they recognize that and we'll work something out
  9. dust collection
    • they want us to get fancy stuff
    • we don't know anything about dust collection
    • they will just have to tell us what they need
  10. they're really into getting us enough power to not trip the breakers
    • it's a flaw in building design so it falls under facilities
    • safety will pressure facilities to up one outlet in the space, and the shop


  1. blurbs have been received and appreciated
  2. Matt is going to try and come to other stuff
  3. Justin will email Alejandra about pictures for Ben's thing


  1. Justin
    • deepali will remind people about bakeoff in the email
    • deadline is September 30th
  2. Adam
    • is trying to make an inventory list for shop, lights, sound
    • we should have it posted on the website so designers can use it
    • is trying to make a list of beginning of the year checklists
    • people should update it with stuff from their rooms
    • cigarettes never got sorted out, Visit needs them
    • we'll buy a carton, the show will buy a pack from us
    • Alex Yuly is taking care of spike tape
  3. Leandro
    • will put in a work order for the AC in the box office

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 9/25 at 11 AM

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