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March 18- noon meeting

Here: Charly, Justin, Mazer, Ross, Elliot, me, Jessie, Alana, Andrew, James, Todd, Hannah, Alex, Paul

Missing: Allison

Visiting: Arvid- using the space this week for a music dept. honors thesis.

MF does the worst revenge ever. They are LAME.

Jed very craftily stole a box of wine, ran to his house (snickering), then realized he forgot his coat. And had to come back.

PW thinking MF has a rivalry with us is like Brown U. thinking the Wheeler School has a rivalry with them


great night.

some snuck in alcohol, but no one got sick. people weren't obviously drinking.

They need another table- from the hotroom.

Strike today 4pm? -Sarah check with Patrick asap. Does Woychek know? If they don't, then we will do it at 11 tonight.

They do (at least partly) know. We decide to do it today. 4:30 pm.

Strike Jobs

  1. Running strike: Alex
  1. Shop: Andrew and Sarah
  1. Furnature Room: Paul
  1. Electrics in the Space: Justin
  1. Eletrics Room: Alana
  1. Box Office: Mazer
  1. Upspace: Hannah
  1. Dressing rooms: Hanna

ARVID (Using the upspace)

Can he have a key? No, but we live nearby so can do let ins.

WITS will move some of the music department speakers into the upspace during strike

Monitor? These are installation pieces, the space will be open for hours on end-do we need people for the whole time? On call system! Arvid will email Alex the times, and we will figure out on call schedule.

Arvid shows us visuals. They are so so cool

3rd Slot

Sarah is PM.

Alex will be PM mentor.

Ross will be Bozo.

Ross has emailed P/J re safety meetings, they have not responded.

1)me, Patrick, Jeff, Amanda, TD. Needs to happen this week.

and then mini meetings.

Rights are $70 total- and we'll try to get that taken care of this week.

Have a production meeting sometime early this week. After a read-through? I schedule this.


Arvid! Alex will email out let in times

The last day Arvid is using the space is Thursday.

Improvidence wants to use the space.

New Directors

We have casts!

Give Elliot a rehearsal schedule and he will find rehearsal space! yay!

Don't prop the doors on windy days.

Also, a cop that may have not been true said that if the door is propped for more that 3 hours an alarm goes off at police headquarters.

Maybe over spring break Ross will fix the futon

Space Maintanence

Box office latch is crap. Do we have WD-40? Yep. Andrew will deal with it.

Toilet paper dispenser in the up mens' is broken.

Back upstairs door comes open.

First slot (Ross is shaking things up a bit)

no one cas contacted Allison- David hasn't gotten back to her.

Erin Adams perhaps proposing Angie's work for first slot

Commencement slot

Angie looking for a director- contact James

Aaron Cutler with Pillowman possibly with incidental music by Drew Mobine. Is this that guys last name?

Sophie interested in Pming.

Karen Klimovsky might propose.


nothing new, expcept info from the brown lit.

subcommittee should meet again. Hannah will send us the info re brown lit, and we will talk about whether to meet over email

Piano check yep.

Soundproofing Fuck

Dimmers Wolf is sick. We should send him a card. Or a piece of meat. When he gets back we're number 2 on his list.

Not clear when UFB will do crazy things with software and our secrets will be out in the open.

Todd promises that if dimmers don't happen this semester he'll stay next year just to do it.

Hannah tells Todd not to make promises he can't keep. He says he will keep this one.

Seating plats

Andrew has them drafted. Trapezoids don't work. Now they are 8-sided shapes. We'll get 6. Allows for all sorts of things. Also getting some smaller plats for people to fuck with dif. shapes and widths.

ADA postmortem

Mazer talks to all staff, all cast, director. This is new.


Ross aquieces to talking about them now. But it's my fault, I thought costumes had been forgotten. but they hadn't. we haven't even talked about the workshop subcommittee yet.

nothing new. ordering racks this week

Weekly meeting

11pm April 1, hahahahaha!* Second weekend of Spring Break is Manton Ave! Oh, no, Todd is getting sick! Workshops going to meet after spring break Audition Workshop Sarah send poster- it's this wed. Business:**

Andrew: can he store magic in the elbow? Who's elbow, we say?

Elliot: summer studies. their assumption sucks. we will tell them we need to decide if they can use our space? Sarah will send Mark Cohen's email to Elliot.

Justin: we need to deal with budget stuff. Justin will email out the spreadsheet- stuff is due to UFB on Friday April 6.

Alex: serial pooper.

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