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Meeting Minutes, May 8th, 2016

HERE:Becca; Evan; Liesl; Devon; Marielle; Ada; Ivanna; Jenn; Ezra; Abby; Luke; Liz; Will Conard; Luke; Kestoooon

THORNS: have to leave them; lost a 25 page paper and a computer to a glass of water; mood swings and allergies and chapped lips; my roommate; having a lot of things to do; been feeling low for a week; i feel 25% dead inside also it's raining outside and i really wanted to rehearse outside; had three papers due, was called out for plagiarism; the bathroom in my suite is wicked dirty; i'm too relaxed for all the shit and finals i have to do; people making assumptions and assuming it's best for everyone else as well; all semester i haven't had to ask for extensions, asking for them on all my finals, not a big deal but hurts my pride; on the phone trying to get giftcard, messing up every letter of your name; the week is never over;

ROSES/IRMAS: so many amazing buds; my life is so perfect i don't even care, my hair is purple; the last night when i laughed harder than i've ever laughed in my entire life–watched a youtube video that killed me; going home tonight because there's an actors equity conference about asian-american actors on broadway; keep watching boy booty music video and celeste is in it; went on walk with liz, corn dog, getting stoned with jesse last night; both liz and i are wearing exactly the same outfits we were yesterday and school of rock; my family was here yesterday, my sister walked in the RISD fashion show; still rehearsing outside; going back to texas for bros grad; taboo and all of the new words we learned; my best friend is gonna be on the mainstage show; people unexpectedly singing really high and taboo and school of rock; connor was going to joes and i was drunk and on the floor and he brought me back mozzarella sticks and fed it to me; met newfoundland named oz might get to housesit with him; getting through the week

IF YOU'RE LUCKY [working title]

  • will is GM–> has been told by joey that there might be a read-through, have to figure out early housing
    • → reach out to older folk living off campus
  • eps: raphae and ivanna,
  • #TODO devon will help will with getting eaely housing
  • #TODO raphae or devon help out will with GM advice
  • #TODO devon send show packet to will
  • #TODO board members recruit new designers!!!!!


  • ezra been going to rehearsals and design runs, going well, extended housing went through
  • going over show packet this week
  • TD's should not rely on production team, they have their own work to do–> should be in charge of recruiting a build crew!


  • NITUS was great, got a key
  • kestoon–>
  • ezra: ziyi's upspace show:
  • 10th: reading from 8pm-8:30pm
  • screening 8:30pm-9:20pm
  • #TODO luke is going to talk to keston about lights
  • don't know how many folks to expect! could be a lot, monitoring might be an active job, being adamant about capacity, letting people know they can't bring alcohol
  • from 9pm-11pm (hard deadline) will be painting today, hanging and focusing lights
  • setting up mics, hooking up sound
  • ada is monitoring, who else wants to help monitor?
  • there should be an HM outside counting capacity, message from organizers about capacity
  • #TODO ada use counter on your phone to maintain capacity
  • ask fletcher and cam if they can HM
  • 9pm-10pm:
  • 10pm-11pm: becca and jenn
  • ada check in with us
  • is there black paint? yes! leftover from WITS–keston will be in touch about paint, will probably get grant for paint from open jar


  • new works: ziyi should apply, rolls over to raised funds
  • open jar: #TODO ezra tell ziyi that she should apply, keston might not apply because he's using white paint,
  • we need to track on bearsync so we can see how much grants have, budget spreadsheet


  • ada dealing with venger asshole
  • get black comedy receipts asap
  • we should move budget spreadsheet to a GOOGLEDOC!


  • allen wrench for doors missing–> may be in shop


  • safe!!!!!


  • wipe down marqueeee!


  • fill out schedule
  • scheduling convo: devon:
  • jobs bobs: 16th in the evening 6:00-7:30pm
  • workday: offer up may 14th or 16th to MF
  • visions: maybe saturday 5/7??(may possibly be shorter, as this conversation is more integrated into our regular meetings)
  • who wants to lead it? does it have to be led? yeah, it's the person who schedules the whole thing, devon wants to do it! yay devon!
  • #TODO devon either figure out platform to schedule, could do whentomeet



  • if you're lucky positions
  • rapfest
  • ziyi's upspace show
  • put in blurb about rites and reasons commencement show, needs more hands, run crew, HMs
  • #TODO ivanna send becca info about shows
  • #TODO ada put season announcement on website
  • season announcement


  1. fletcher: we need to get rid of piano
  2. #TODO everyone keep filling out visions spreadsheet
  3. maria gift!
  4. jenn– visions spreadsheet, do we need to discuss certain big radical issues? put your name down if you want to discuss
  5. shop tra ining! new kiddos!
  6. meetings in the downspace are weird and fun
  7. MF asked if we could, at the end of workday, get some snacks, chill
  8. #TODO everyone send in workday jobs! trying to use up money, we can use money to work on, look in your rooms and look at the accoutrements to see if there are places we can invest money!
  9. can folks borrow costumes from the department? VISIONZ!
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