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Meeting Minutes, May 5th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Becca; Evan; Liesl; Devon; Marielle; Ada; Ivanna; Brianna; Jenn; Ezra; Cam; Abby; Joey; Luke; Andrew; Raphae; Liz

THORNS: lots of scheduling, cut my hand making eggs; people who say empty things; can't motivate myself to get out of bed and run in the morning; have not slept in 45 hrs; i also sliced my finger open; in zone of what is the world?; i feel terrible and i really want to go to sleep but if i go to sleep i will have to wake up and also have bad dreams; got a milkshake all over my computer and lost a final–went to zootopia wished i had the milkshake; the weather x2; impending doom of finals and everything; i have a lot of sadness about a lot of different things, can't talk to my mom about it; the weather does not mix well with my hair; school, finals, anything related to academics and im also sick-ish; been feeling sick and sad the past few days; my life fell apart in the last 36 hours; my feet are soaked, very cold very tired; ended up being at RISD for a very long time, feet hurt

ROSES/IRMAS: ate at new restaurant downtown with becca and natasha; cut my hair and did not fuck it up; free lunch and a woman asked if i could dog sit for her; clueless the movie, domestic bliss; the next three weeks are filled with so many exciting things, frisbee, job, theatre, family-wise; i feel closer to fletcher because of our blood-bond; my mom is going to get my dog certified as an emotional support animal so he can fly on a plane to come visit me [also make people happy]; clueless, one frame of the movie in particular and i have nice friends; that is all dealt with; for a final a group of friends and i are writing about hamilton; arts and crafts and happy light; i discovered there's a shower in barus and holley and i want to take one in there just to say i did; devon and darts; devon; i skyped my mom which was cute and also liz is a really great person; domestic bliss, just finished two finals, sugar; i put it back together and i got a job; went to see rosencrantz and gildernstern so great to be with excited folk; didn't do much today but it felt good!

IF YOU'RE LUCKY [working title]

GM- will conard? devon is everything!!!! looking for SM, LD (look at who were assistants this year, also look at who LD'd in the upspace) and sound designer, props, specify first-years #TODO board members, sign up to audition monitor on THURSDAY + FRIDAY 3-8pm, going to have first read-through early housing, either will or devon will tend to this EPs: ivanna and raphae, devon will help through auditions BLACK COMEDY

had meeting with anna, it was GREAT actors asked if EPs would make them cookies–is this weird? or just tasty? jason! the GM is here! housing should be set for everyone that is staying for commencement! find jason if it hasn't gone through–before may 6th shows going well! going up three weeks from eysterday set will be done by saturday! cast/crew paint saturday the 7th in the late afternoon probably around 4pm, board members are invited! costumes will be done next week! sculpture will be done saturday UPTHINGS/NITUS:

NITUS #TODO evan sign upspace contract, sam has a key HMs- be extra communicate sam was planning to come to meeting to explain why there's no devised piece, he's angry at the board, could be annoyed about WITS situation #TODO evan, check in with NITUS and see what they want from HM's ei. wait outside and communicate with people entering, join in the fun, phones should be in the space, but HMs watch over them open mic-there should be someone collecting phones, luke with talk to NITUS, luke will help with tech set-up #TODO board post on facebook to advertise keston's cypher–(ada corresponding) needs two mics and two mic stands, he wants to paint the space, graffiti, he has to pay for it, if he wants to spray paint, needs to leave door open, ada is monitoring we can volunteer to bring chairs sunday, may 8th xiyi yang, monday, tuesday, 9th+10th, music theatre piece, live organ harvesting in china–wahooo!!!!- ezra is liason GRANTS

new works is funding evans project!! open jar: #TODO ezra tell zi yi that she should apply FINANCE$

we ordered the plats last week! they are en route! maybe! #TODO luke call hi out-put so we can buy direct from them, they haven't been getting paid #TODO becca reimburse yourself #TODO find a car AND TAKE THE CAULDRON DOWNTOWN reimbursement sheets in BO are old, don't use them. luke has fifty new ones, needs to put 'em in!! SPAYMAY

gender neutral signs keep getting taken down. luke will keep putting them up. the marquis get super foggy when it rains, the marquee de sade should be charged with wiping it down SAFETY

safe!!!!! WITS

strike, accident, lowering a zipstrip in what we thoguht was safe, predicted the issue that happened, everyone was alright and safe! just the board! if accidents happen, make sure to let people leave if they want to

SOCIAL MEDIA/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH #TODO everyone post about NITUS #TODO evan, season announcement! marty's blurbs look great #TODO ada check in with sam to see if you can insta #TODO post auditions SCHEDULING

fill out schedule scheduling convo: devon: jobs bobs: 16th in the evening 6:00-7:30pm workday: offer up may 14th or 16th to MF visions: maybe saturday 5/7??(may possibly be shorter, as this conversation is more integrated into our regular meetings) who wants to lead it? does it have to be led? yeah, it's the person who schedules the whole thing, devon wants to do it! yay devon! #TODO devon either figure out platform to schedule, could do whentomeet EMAIL:

if you're lucky positions live cypher, #TODO ask keston how he wants this marketed #TODO ezra, ask xiyi how she wants her show advertised NITUS Business:

MF cool with saturday the 14th, 9am-5pm, for workday #TODO if you have workday conflicts, get in touch with luke and ada, will send out schedule visions– thursday, may 12th, 9am-2pm renish: moving it to 3pm-5pm, anna stacy is doing a 6pm show #TODO andrew shoptrain these little eager cuties!!!!! when-to-meet #TODO jenn will get card and flowers, bringing it to next meeting remember outerspace! and rmemeber to meet with buddies MF needs to pay $264 for paint- #TODO devon let them know, also they owe us tw paint trays, and one or two rollers retroactive rose [ivanna]- shuttle driver gonna come 2 pw 2 c black comedy wish there was a vending machine in TF Green

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