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Meeting Minutes, March 6th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Jonathan (visiting); Andrew; Liesl; Liz; Ada; Devon; Jenn; Raphae; Marina (visiting); Naiyah (visiting); Josh; Becca; Marty; Austin (Raphae's friend)

THORNS: not always feeling like myself and i'm in charge of an in-house housing lottery and it's blehhhhh; everytime i go out, i have an existential crisis because i feel like an old person and i dont know what to do, everyone is talking and laughing and i dont understand, i feel like im watching from behind a little spaceship and its' very weird and i feel lame about how much art i make, i don't know if i should make more; lost my house keys and i was locked out of my room and i slept in bed; it's really scary when other people have control over your thought process, is it scarier when they know what they're doing or when they don't; during midsummer, i had an itch on my back hthe entire time and i don't even remember the frickin' play, slipped the scaff and bruised my hip; putting too much energy into the wrong places; i have an orgo exam on tuesday and i haven't studied; we can't stay with our friend in new york; chafing while i run; really exhausted and haven't done anything this weekend; raphaes bagel, its raphaes bagel; your body forgets how to metabolize poison in your body and my uber driver was very chatty; tried to wake up this morning to read kierkegard and felt very sleepy; really shitty beginning of the week but it got better; way too many things i want to work on, not enough hours in the day to do them; want to be a person who makes their visions come true and sometimes i do not think i know what my visions are; staying up too late

ROSES/IRMAS: for the first time, i woke up before this meeting and did something productive, i made a cone out of paper; andrew made me a grilled cheese and brought it to me in bed; the upside of frying my hair with bleach and i can not wash it for a super long time and it doesn't look oily; josh saw my doppelganger; kim neir is the best and met everyone; seeing people you love; my friends came to visit me; drove up from north carolina to visit my best friend; my mom is coming today to see midsummer; raphaes bagel, it looks really good; best birthday ever surrounded by lovers and love; decided to be a real person and went to a party and got velly velly drunk n' high; thought back to when i was a freshman and couldn't understand kierkegard and now i do! but i am also going to be homeless in berlin next year; tallgrass is beautiful; painting; went to see a nuts-ass play at 95 empire 'since everything'– crazy shit that makes no sense–> 'fuck capitalism' and an old canadian man was sitting next to me and said 'i like capitalism'; it was my nieces first birthday, playing games


  • going well!!
  • no weird front of house stuff–regular ol' HM speech in the space
  • safety inspection tomorow, monday at 4:45pm
  • plats tuesday night
  • will have a content warning-fog, haze, strobe, violent themes, gunshot/thunder
  • there will be runs all week if board members want to go
  • #TODO devon send the board the schedule of runs
  • HM's:
    • friday 8:00pm: luke and josh
    • saturday 6:00pm: becca and evan
    • saturday 9:00pm: liesl and jenn
    • sunday 8:00pm: raphae and ada
    • monday 8:00pm: devon and liz
  • jonathan will do eventbryte on wednesday


  • EPs: Liz and Ada, Cameron?
  • Naiyah: we won $350 grant monayyyy!
  • we have light designers yayaya!
  • team is full!
  • if anyone wants to carry heavy theatre chairs to pw, let josh know!!!
  • #TODO josh remind naiyah to remind cast to come to strike
  • started rehearsal, badass cast


  • #TODO reach out to groups and make sure they're okay with any spatial orientation of the space–if they have any specific requests
  • #TODO we have to paint the upspace during tallgrass strike
  • upsquad made responsibilities of HMs for upfest clear; what do the groups need for tech?
  • #TODO becca, send out schedule tonight/tomorrow morning
  • deadline for performers is tomorrow (3/7) at noon
  • #TODO josh, need to make poster tomorrow, monday
  • make it clear to the groups it's free!
  • performance craft week: 0-12 people came to the workshops! it was neat!
  • #TODO upsquad to meet and decide on policies, constitution!
  • collect karma!


  • #TODO evan make poster by tomorrow morning, write: come to meetings!
  • luke: brianna is buddy, meeting with her today
  • devon: abby meeting with her wednesday
  • ivanna: have met, working on draft
  • raphae: rachel buddy, met yesterday
  • becca: met with marielle, going well
  • liesl: duncan, meeting next week
  • marty: matt, going to meet
  • andrew: #TODO reach out to erin reifler
  • #TODO in HM speeches, say that we are still accepting applications
  • #TODO everyone share new mems on FB


  • new works: meeting after this
  • open jar: just gave marty's week $82.36, we have $370 left


  • quote from last year, expired, new quote from vangar, we're going to order the plats on monday!
  • set a delivery time and date so expect and email with further details
  • #TODO ada get them to fill out a supply and registration form
  • luke submitted TWITS receipts, put it in budget spreadsheet, getting supplies from high output and adlers, getting measuring tape, crescent wrench, allan wrench
  • hi-output invoices are all set
  • rights are all paid! antig all good
  • josh is good on reimbursements for paint!


  • #TODO raphae buy laundry detergent and paper towels


  • safety inspection tomorrow at 4:45pm


  • marty and liesl are EPs
  • deadline is ???
  • #TODO marty make facebook event
  • budget: same as TWITS $350????
  • we can say budget TBD publicly
  • basically TWITS in the downspace–encourage people who are not necessarily doing theatre
  • email listservs–VISA, MUS, MEME, RISD, TAPS, LITA
  • have an art museum, public, open component, not just theatre,
  • miranda friel!!! mural!!!!
  • if there are auditions, they must be open
  • need a team?! we can help you find one!
  • there will be buddies!


  • rebecca rouse–part of upfest, coming on the 20th, sunday at 2:00pm
  • sam, jenny and andrew will be coming late in semester-thanks dev!


  • #TODO ada post on insta
  • #TODO boost tallgrass
  • #TODO boost new mems
  • #TODO boost upfest


  1. tallgrass
  2. new mems
  3. wits
  4. upfest
  5. strike


  • MF: marina and naiyah, brown theatre collective, helps board collaborate and communicate better–>website based off group at yale 'drama coalition', has all theatre opportunities, directory, guides, showpackets, proposals; a group less focused on production and more focused on getting everything done!
  • patti and kym are doing workshop over the summer–would love access to PW–can they use the space? yes! do we charge rent from theatre bridge? paid pw as a group to use our space. let's find out how much theatre bridge paid us so that we can get the same from the department.
    • josh is hired!!!!!!!
  • evan met with cherise and joie–> NITUS, not having DPS guards, down with it
    • need to be very careful with the phone check, last year someones phone got stolen/lost–do an actual phone check with a tag/number!
    • if we take it into a locked space it becomes our responsibility
  • archives, we need pictures for website–>
  • #TODO luke has pictures from crimes, 11a (evan wants to edit them), marat/sade, antigonick (#TODO evan send pictures to marty)
  • #TODO evan, luke, marty get pictures on website, facebook
  • #TODO evan reach out to jason to see if he cares which pictures are on website
  • #TODO luke– fill in cast and crew info
  • andrew evans sent marty confetti canon, marty will have a testing session
  • gender neutral bathrooms downstairs! pilot it with temporary signs.
  • let's do it this week/weekend.
  • #TODO tallgrass EP's let the team know
  • #TODO luke will make pretty signs
  • #TODO luke reach out to charlotte for designer handbook
  • BTC– make handbook on their website and pw website–still pw oriented but still has useful things for everyone
  • as board members, when we talk about the board, remember to be conscious of what you're saying because you are a representative of the board!
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