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Meeting Minutes, March 20th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Andrew; Becca; Liz; Celeste; Evan; Ada; Raphe; Will (visiting); Luke; Liesl; Cameron; Devon; Stacey (visiting); Sam (visiting); Corey (visiting); Josh; Marty

THORNS: So many people I know are in relationships or are starting relationships: a) gross b) especially gross cuz they all don’t want to be in relationships now that I’ve heard there’s snow coming: snow coming singlehandedly planning a spring break trip and we have NOTHING and ice balloon dodge ball when you’re moving through life and things shoot at you and weigh you down and then you’re like “wait, they’re not real”: in terms of memories and things my urine smelled very very bad this morning until fletcher arrived no one wanted to sit with me and celeste celeste cahn is a demon and she keep coming to my house even though i keep putting a cross above the door, stop coming; i don't know how to take care of myself or be awake or functioning, had a horrible dream that we were all in the downspace and DPS came in and was like, 'this is nice but the university decided you don't need this space anymore' and we screamed at this woman and i was crying; i asked someone out on a date that i didn't realize has a boyfriend; i'm really tied, didn't get a bunch of sleep many nights in a row; phone charger broke, expectations not coming through; lack of productivity; get stressed about not being productive so i have to relax and not to anything; aggressive drivers; worsening finance; and thus i am late

ROSES/IRMAS: reconnecting with old friends; the future is so bright and luke is amazing; celeste cahn, the devil; i ended up having a super quiet night, caught super drunk tailend of super drunk party; spring break is coming, feeling really proud and happy to be part of this group of people; good sleep; got up today; back comedy is starting; i got a lot of sleep Basically banking on having a snow day tomorrow Possible snow day; gonna be a good day I love pw I saw a wild turkey! Eating delicious bacon…also, being here my thighs feel strong cuz I went on a run and it strengthened them Margaret is ~amazing~ I had a really fun night last night


  • moving chairs from ada's house to PW at 12:30pm, would love help, the more help, the better
  • upfest conflicted pretty heavily with upfest; give credit for how compromising sam has been with upfest


  • #TODO becca reach out to shades of brown and see if they can do6-7pm or 10-11pm or 9:45pm
  • keston is going to move the cypher until after spring break–could we give him a sunday show?
  • #TODO fletcher check schedule for a day for a cypher show


  • open jar: gave evan's project $60-now $310
  • #TODO josh send 'fuck with the audience' guidelines
  • #TODO EMAIL becca, put fuck with the audience in the email


  • andrew submitted budget last night at 4AM
  • met with UFB rep, Kayla, we didn't spend all our money last semester, that we asked for. for institutional knowledge, they HATE when you don't spend the money they give you. we get this money we should spend all of it.
  • we will hear back april 12th!
    • ezra wants to buy a mop!
    • supplies-wise: we should buy our supplies at the beginning o semester, buy what your room needs, fully stock it. including the booths, sm box, first aid kit.
  • #TODO ada send letter to andrew
  • Mia hasn't been reimbursed for TWITs, submitted her receipts,
  • #TODO luke submit tallgrass receipts and his own shit.
  • #TODO Luke evan for super secret and joshs paint–did some receipts fall out? ada will talk to donna
  • #TODO josh maybe go get receipts, stay in touch with ada
  • plats: ada received PO, brenda hobgood told ada to call her back monday, the company filled out supply registration form
  • we have a shit ton of publicity money- STICKERS!!!!!
  • #TODO raphae design stickers, use budget to buy nice posters!!


  • let's buy soap, tell shows to buy new rollers and paintbrushes.
  • #TODO luke, put it in the show packet that shows need to buy brushes and paint supplies
  • paint upstairs walls??? manifesto!?!? OF THE OOPSPACE!
  • marquis: celeste and austin will put it up in may, not during WITs or downspace show– may 7th-8th or may 14th-15th, hardware is in the sound pile


  • someone from SOTG, wants to use our shop to build some tables, wants to be shop trained, not super comfortable letting a non-pw person using our shop for non-pw things because we end up being liable for it we want to support them but don't want anything bad to happen
  • #TODO josh, tell SOTG should reach out to alex at john street because he shop trained a bunch of people and maybe one of them can help out! also don't want them building while flick is happening


  • buddy check-in:
  • devon: miranda, is there a midnight extension? yes! haven't met, is working
  • luke: emma davis, doing a devised piece based on peoples dreams, she'll have it in on time
  • ada: joey, are in touch
  • evan: jonathan, sound light, movement
  • #TODO advertise this shit.
  • #TODO liesl book a room on main campus for meeting on thursday 3. 24. 16 from 12:00-1:00


  • rebecca rouse–today at 2pm!!! advertise on facbeook right now!!
  • jenny and andrew will be coming during commencement
  • sam kuzntez


  • morning mail–raphae
  • #TODO raphae put upfest pictures on facebook
  • we are up to date on fb photos?
  • #TODO raphae fix your morning mail problem to get the upfest in there!!
  • PWOM!! (see below)


  • saturday! april 9th.
  • fletcher will go get liquor license
  • #TODO: andrew to email joie/do bearsync
  • josh: think we should do a video of pwomprosals
  • theme: presidential pwom? lincoln? find your marry todd?
  • liz what if we put our prom bodies with other people's heads?

or put presidential candidates on our prom bodies?

  • #TODO: luke pwom photos
  • #TODO: evan pwom unifying poster
  • not buying beer


  • pwom april 9th
  • upfest
  • link to minutes
  • tank tops for spring weekend!


  • corey, brendan and will trying to start a greek organization thingy, support public and student art, provide forum for artists of all kinds to get together-what would they be looking for from PW? a liason from the board, base partnership, operating as an unrecognized organization, be a group to reach out to, extra hands, extra funding, they want support, promotion, help cultivate projects, gives resources for things to get them done;
  • need to set a date for proposals. meeting is set for saturday april 30th as of now. wednesday april 20th is 1.5 weeks before that. what if we pushed to the 22nd because spring weekend is the weekend before? still gives us 8 days
  • do we want to actively encourage playwrights of other identities? maybe it's something that happens when we meet with our buddies? are we uncomfortable asking people to direct a show that they aren't as passionate about. let's be up front about it and really encourage people to propose. when doing state of pw, we had pretty pointed ideas. open statement of intent may attract people who wouldn't propose otherwise. need to phrase it as actively seeking proposals from previously/historically under-represented groups. talking with buddies to be sure they acknowledge where this fits in terms of their identity and the show that they are working on/wanting to bring to pw. don't want people putting time into proposals that are “unpassable” from the get-go.

have section in the fb event, as well as maybe on other publicity? we need to define what actively seeking looks like. send emails to relevant resources. listservs! easy to access by emailing the dept. contact. what about plays that aren't explicitly designated by race/casting. if we say we want plays that deal w/ issues of race maybe we won't get plays that have that openness. playwrights/proposers of identities that have been historically not present in pw. have to be sensitive from the start. continuing in visions. in no world will everyone be happy, but taking active steps to tell these stories and show the community we are looking for them is better than nothing at all.

  • celeste wants a tank top.
  • kathy wants her wire body. it was in props and then it got thrown away… if you want things you need to get them at strike for that show.
  • form a committee on new new mems planning/reforming questions: #TODO ada, cameron
  • renish: andrew and luke. marty sending email to them.
  • mia rollins left some clothing items at twits. can someone let her in this week? luke will try to take care of this tuesday!
  • liz thinks we should have a picnic in india point park for all! buy some snacks. AND liz thinks we should buy a picnic table for outside. raphae agrees.
  • jonathan adam wants to know about wits strike: like twits.
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