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Meeting Minutes, March 13th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Jonathan (visiting); Liesl; Liz; Ada; Devon; Jenn; Raphae; Ezra; Becca; Jenn; Luke; Marty; Marielle (visiting); Kayla (visiting)

THORNS: i'm so tired and i have such a long, long day ahead of me and I'm dreading it; probably going to pull an all-nighter tonight; my head really hurts and tap dancers are loud; scheduling things is real hard and i don't how it's gonna happen; less than 100 days until graduation; nothing specific things are pretty good; it is impossible to express how little homework i did last week; forgot to take my allergy medicine; jenn has a concussion;party at my house was really fun but made me have an existential crisis; i'm very smelly; i'm not utilizing mornings the way that i do at the beginning of semester; Can’t handle when people aren’t direct and honest; my skin is revolting against me! housing cliché but true); exam right after this meeting and another one at 8 am

ROSES/IRMAS: my sister threw bday party in my house last night and it was sooooooo cute; [married charlotte senders last night]; great weekend tallgrass opening; i've done a lot of nothing; saw tallgrass and midsummer and was really into it; great weekend, getting closure; free ice cream and friends; album harvest by neil young, had a great intview for a job; formed a band last week, speakeasy went really well, talented musicians; fluffy bunnies; fletcher and i didn't coordinate and now we're matching; “i want to get to know you” my friends dad came and i totally hit it off with him in a middle-aged white guy way; New experiences, now I’m feeling really bold today, Barcelona app finished; doing well financially because I’m working a lot


three wonderful shows strike: the flick: stacie wants to leave stage plats in the space seats for the flick are at ada's house; very heavy–at the end of strike when there are very little jobs, standing-around-people can carry chairs we need to paint stage plats fletcher: booths, plats raphae: BO or upstairs ada: props, help out downstairs ezra: furniture room, plats liesl: scaffolding, lights and electrics liz: cyc, team 'fabrics in the sky' becca: costumes, dr1, dr2 marty: lead luke: scaffolding, electrics missing–> take down fixtures, then do cable runs cameron: scaffolding, shop devon: chairs and plats evan: plats andrew: set board: be here at 9:45pm let's start at 10, when flick gets here and tallgrass is done with check-in THE LICK

#TODO ada and liz EPing–go into rehearsal on tuesday #TODO EP's email, we need to do jackets for sam and anna stacy PW EMAIL: ASM for the flick UPFEST/UPSPACE

microphones? how many will we need? marty has one. get feedback from performers and audience members–should we give a survey after show? #TODO Ada put schedule for upfest on website some groups have made fb events! wahoo!!! encourage your groups to do the same–start linking to events in master group #TODO luke make survey HMs bring laptop or phone so you can add emails to a doc that will be used to send survey do we wanna do a pizza party at the end of the fest? yiisssssssss #TODO becca assign hm's via email (we'll do this on a separate email #TODO board members invite people to upfest event NEW MEMS

luke: brianna, gonna apply, we're gonna meet jenn: ivanna, waiting on a draft raphae: rachel, reading her app to go over it becca: expecting draft from marielle liesl: duncan, very busy, will send draft by marty: matt, he's still applying andrew: met with erin, her is her new mom cameron: working with kayla, devon: met with abby, sent me a draft, second reading to ___?? ezra: noah, will get app soon #TODO board, reach out to people still, personal emails GRANTS

open jar: we have $370 left, didn't give open jar to any other groups, meeting to discuss evan's devising project afterwards argument against use of raised funds, board didn't pre-approve materials purchased at those prices. those materials that we did not own already could have been purchased at lower prices. was there a performance component to this project? if won't be viable for open jar. #TODO EMAIL becca, put fuck with the audience in the email FINANCE$

antig rights folks haven't filled out supply registration form–ada is in touch with them brenda hopgood from wanger (WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS COMPANY?), also filling out supply request form plats will be ordered this week!! luke bought stuff for shop, its in the shop!! allen WRENCHES! SPAYMAY

#TODO raphae buy laundry detergent and paper towels (have you bought these, raph?) luke–can people stay after the meeting for painting? yes! upstairs bathrooms- #TODO luke, put up gender neutral signs luke talked to electrician, if you trip the breaker that does outlets in the downspace, call facilities, we aren't responsible purchase paint cleaner?? SAFETY

SAFE!!!$$$$!!!! WITS

NITUS is applying if you are buddying, make sure you can come to decision meeting, thursday before ALUMNI WIZARDS

rebecca rouse–part of upfest, coming on the 20th, sunday at 2:00pm #TODO devon buy meeting street cookies for meeting

SOCIAL MEDIA/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH #TODO ada post on insta any of these thangs #TODO boost new mems #TODO boost upfest #TODO posters!!!! #TODO everyone sign up in jenn's doc put them on podiums in lectures rooms! #TODO raphae bump sign-up sheet EMAIL:

the flick: ASM WITs NEW MEMS UPFEST–events for this week STRIKE alumni wizards Business:

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