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Meeting Minutes, Jan. 31st, 2016

SOTU: It is a sunny winter day. The birds are chirping the songs of love and kindness. A thief in the night stole Andrew's only pair of shoes–let's put our heads together and try to rustle something up for his bare, blistering feet. He will not survive the winter without our help.

HERE: Marty; Andrew, Devon, Luke, Liesl, Becca, Emily (visiting), Evan, Fletcher, Ada, Jamie (visiting), Molly (visiting), Olama (visiting), Josh, Jonathan (visiting), Cameron, Ezra, Adam (visiting)

THORNS: fucked up sleep cycle; social obligations; exhausted and cannot do anything anymore; this past week was insane and my room is a mess; still have no groceries; hard time finding good classes; woke up this morning and somebody had stolen my shoes and i only have one pair of shoes; also searching for classes also my chin is raw cause i was smooching but also didn't bring donuts; glibness and concert ticket prices; writing is live, first semester where i have to take requirements, too much reading, class, i just want to do theatre; left peppermint tea in my house! i think my character is midsummer is making me more clumsy, i have knocked mary martha down and bruised my knee; forgetfulness and the sticky note on my desk which is a to-do list which just keeps gettin' longer; the show i'm in is a weird thing, we're becoming our characters; having things to do where people are counting on you and feeling apathetic about them and feeling stressed out by not doing them, have to be responsible for my own food; if i don't get into this writing class, my schedule gets super messed up; forgotten that healing is a process that requires steps backwards to get where you're going, having this feeling where i need to tell someone something but i can't find the right time or the right words.

ROSES/IRMAS: wonderful, lovely people in life, got seven pairs of underwear in the mail; didn't expect donuts but they are here; (long pause…) this little cat that has dog ears temmie; school is starting; donuts are here, had breakfast; had a freshman night and partied; seeing cabaret at PPAC this afternoon; been enjoying being here, nice to see everyone and be in providence; reconnecting with a friend i thought i had lost, this video of Australian orchestra on a boat and whales breach and the orchestra is amazed; audacity and liesl's haircut, my roommates and i found a dartboard!; i seem happy, don't know what that's about–JOY; character in midsummer is a clown and it's fun to have that energy in me; got to spend time with my roommates this weekend; don't have classes before three pm any day!; fletcher's hair, my roommates and i had fancy dinner at hemenways, exchanged secret santa gifts and got toe socks wow; i had a freshmen year weekend, not the actual content, the shared experience; tossed salad??? mixed fruit???


  1. not a lot of updates, stacie bought wood! was confused about set; settled on concept; Xiyi, talk to Josh about set–what the set looks like, what its made of.
  2. Tech schedule squared away, dry tech Friday, 5th, 6-12pm
  3. sunday wet tech 11am-11pm
  4. is it going to affected by bowie week?
  5. jason has okayed the schmooze at 11:30pm on Wednesday, February 10th
  6. February 12th, party? might have to change date to the 13th


  1. first production meeting today; we have a full team except for a td–alex haynes going to reach out; zach silberberg is turning in a set design tonight at production meeting
  2. audition times are set for this week, monday-wednesday–> added second set of time, not going to add more hours
  3. board needs to monitor once we know the hours that do not have a monitor from the team
  4. emily, let us know how big you want the cast should be so josh can buy the scripts


  1. deception games!!! so many people! so many new people!
  2. have the key, in the drawer
  3. marielle, can apply to new works!
  4. can marty apply to open jar retroactively? yes!
  5. #TODO fletcher and marty meet to go over contract
  6. #TODO marty, solidify times so i can send out email
  7. first antigonick, then kathy for TWITs
  8. #TODO jenn, send us list for Upfest
  9. NITUS, offer NITUS march 1st-5th, offer poler bears april 12th-14th, we could split upfest into two weeks
  10. NITUS wants april 12th-14th–nika is in midsummer until end of first week of march, board would have to work extra hard to support NITUS
    1. what about NITUS taking march 20th-24th?
    2. we feel uncomfortable retracting the dates from Poler Bears;
    3. if NITUS takes 20th-24th and Poler Bears take April 12th-15th upspace will be march 1st-5th and march 15th to 19th.
  11. #TODO upsquad meeting! to decide on wording to describe the event that is UPFEST!!!


  1. Andrew, Marty and Ezra will monitor tonight from 5:30pm-8pm


  1. didn't go to UFB meeting this week, caleb hirsch is our rep. , Thursday February 4th, 8pm, going to gather in the Blue Room at 7:30pm, come if you want!
  2. do we want to buy guard rails?
    1. keston got a quote from venger, plats company, they are $5,000-$6,000
  3. we are getting the same plats as we have
  4. officially we need to have rails! according to santucci, we are required to have rails– ada will argue this point to UFB
  5. what do we say when they ask us why we havent been using rails? we do use them when the plats are high enough.
  6. plats and rails are going to cost $21,800, shipping included–should we ask for them for them to pay for all of it? in the past, they have paid 2/3.
  7. other argument: if we buy new plats, we can bring old plats in the upspace, so we don't damage plats by bringing them upstairs
  8. josh needs to be reimbursed for 11a
  9. #TODO andrew upload budget onto the owncloud, the spreadsheet not the proposal
  10. rights are getting paid for
  11. Ada still needs to pin down Jennifer, we need to look at Jennifer's receipts


  1. wrote the letter to matt, sending it to him, spent $430
  2. open jar: marty may apply to open jar,
  3. new works: charlotte applied to new works, #TODO new works, need to decide how much to give her


  1. safe! safe! safe!


#TODO Raphae, have you worked on the calender?


  1. they fixed the door-wahoo!
  2. #TODO Evan update the silver box
  3. Andrew cleaned the gross fridge. He is a hero to be remembered.


  1. kathy holding callbacks today! great turnout for auditions
  2. #TODO Andrew and Fletcher going to have showpacket meeting, tell her to apply to New Works
  3. josh has to declare it safe! so have fun!!!


  1. Lincoln in <33333 party: we need ten days to register for a liquor license. we wanted to have it too soon. Friday 12th or Saturday, February 13th–> is antigonick doing a late show?
  3. #TODO becca ask jason if he's doing a late show.
  4. Joie was pissed that we are having a party.
  5. february 10th, schmooze! jason has okayed an 11:30pm schmooze.


  1. S & B meeting, go to meetings 12-1pm on tuesday-thursday
    1. they are having diversity action plan meeting on thursday
  2. ada and ezra–State of PW: Ada looked at visions minutes to find categories: designer handbook, upspace plats, piano, PW in the Community, Upsquad, philsophical
  3. #TODO everyone look through minutes to see if there are things we want in this document


  1. martys week
  2. tallgrass, td and auditions
  3. sweatshirts–ezra sweatshirts
  4. #TODO make a facebook announcement
  5. announce flick and black comedy


  • Poler Bears: dates for april 12th-14th,
  • NITUS now wants 12th-14th, how many days of rehearsal are they looking for?
    • have performance Tuesday, wednesday, thursday, would want to rehearse prior, three hours in the space; will have to coordinate with us to get into the space because they won't have keys;
  • Ezra will be liason to Poler Bears
  • #TODO Ezra send poler bears contact information for lights and sound in the upspace
  • #TODO everyone fill out whentomeet!!! we need to meet her this week to talk about poler bears for the rest of time
  • activities fair–wednesday from 6-9pm, we need to set up between 6:00-6:45pm–we should have at least two people there at all times
  • #TODO cameron make excel so people can sign up for slots, everyone should go

todos? in email–fletcher nice job bumping minutes before meeting

  • #TODO becca, reach out to Keston for form for who is working where asap
  • #TODO update website, fletcher will sit next to Ada
  • #TODO everyone! if you're in PW, write about a room, spatial record exists, contribute to it IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! MARTY WILL SMITE YOU.
  • wizards???
  • #TODO everyone, fill out the wizards survey fletcher sent
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