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Meeting Minutes, Jan. 25th 2016

HERE: Evan; Andrew; Liz; Raphae; Marty; Jenn; Devon; Jamie M (visiting); Marielle: Luke; Liesel; Kavya; Becca; Fletcher; Soham (visiting); Depal (visiting); Ada

THORNS: freaking out about major and future; there are always more dishes; got my hair cut; just in past four hours am getting sick; not ready to be back on campus, not excited; classes start; ran out of milk; i have weird messy feelings about being in tf. green; not myself for a lot of last semester; little bickers that matter; snow storm was not exciting; not sure how long the brain clear is going to last; didn't have as transformative experienceI with plane-lady-friend (TRIED TO KISS HIM AND GET HIM DRUNK); we danced for six hours and we are smelly; missed end of sixth harry potter movie; dropping the ball already; motion sickness

ROSES/IRMAS: founder of PW went to Newtown North wachoo; she likes us! yay! ; it's so great to have people coming back from abroad; fun and crazy first rehearsal for upspace show; israel, seredipity, katheen; being back and not forgetting that this meeting was happening; got a lot done today in dance; excited to be back at brown after leave; jitters; so fucking excited to be here; saw simon and he is great; break was restorative and i feel myself and friends; liz being this drunk; tallulahs; fuckedatonny, new zealand, met a lady and she cleared my brain; got an interview; ran our dance piece in a great rehearsal; so excited to be back on the board with new board buds + no homework; really excited to be back with da crew; midsummer rehearsal has been fun; excited to be getting back into the swing of things


  1. Applying for grants: painting project to be part of the set; we needed white paint but we have four gallons of paint in the paint room–so now waiting on the grant!
  2. Production Meeting: designers, no budget concerns
  3. to team–>please lock doors; downspace, furniture room;
  4. josh: need to talk to gm, wants a sketch of the set
  5. #TODO, cameron and becca come to rehearsal; email jason
  6. #TODO cameron and becca reach out to jason to see if we can use the upspace for the schmooze during rehearsals– schmooze would be february 10th


  1. #TODO everyone! post, share auditions for TallGrass
  2. looking or a TD
  3. needs audition monitors– will assign when we get audition times at next meeting

auditions feb. 1st- feb.3rd



  1. NITUS: wants april, the only week in april is that which we have offered to Poler bears; evan has been talking to cherise and they are exploring other options in March so–>in which case, upfest would be march 15th-24th— can we split it into two weeks?– will people want to come to pw that many times consecutively?
    1. could do: upfest pt.1 on March 5th and upfest pt. 2 after March 15th-19th

in which case, NITUS would take place in between pt.1 and pt.2

  1. #TODO evan talk to cherise and see if the March 15th date would work–can you tell NITUS to tell you by next sunday so we can start asking people to start participating in upfest?
  2. Marielle: going well, saturday is the show, luke is liason to marielle, went over the contract, all is well; knows about the piano!
  3. #TODO everyone share the event; there is a facebook event, share it on the facebook
  4. #TODO becca put it in the email
  5. Marty's upspace week is up next, fletcher will be liason.
  6. upspace key? was in the lock box in BO, but now it is not there; we are short one key because devon had one–> that key is becoming the new upspace key—> liz has a bunch of old keys—> so does evan!
  7. #TODO evan, give liz your keys and
  8. #TODO liz give key to ziyi
  9. can marty have a dance party? as long as there is no alc! monitors keep your eyes peeled for sneaky marty.


  1. Jenn made a list of groups we could reach out to for upfest! as soon as we know our dates;
    1. upsquad can reach out to groups;

-#TODO jenn, send list to the PW board


  1. #TODO ada we have to pay for rights–> ada will square away with SAO
  2. #TODO ada didn't submit some reimbursements for neverland
  3. plats: planning to attend meeting on thursday, ada is going to submit a form to see if we can come to the meeting–> in which case she will go on thursday (andrew wants to go! anyone can go! and should!)
  4. we should figure out reimbursement days


new works: liz, fletcher, ada, raphae

  1. no one has applied, encourage kathy to apply
  2. could emily apply because she is writing new music–we will bring it up if she is looking for money
  3. #TODO fletcher make posters to advertise new works
    1. –>there has to be a performance to qualifiy for new works?
      1. #TODO liz will dig up email from Margaret about the stipulations

open jar: evan, becca, ezra

  1. #TODO becca and fletcher make letter for matt


  1. josh: we SAFE! but go to JOHN STREET TRAINING!!!!! GO! GO! GO!
    1. alex is weird, go through luke


  1. ada: post stuff on facebook page; it's okay to take a stance but check with board and make sure it's alright
  2. communicate clearly about the work/performances we are producing; communicate our intentions/ideology
  3. #TODO ada is going to write a draft about current state of PW–> what we are striving to achieve this semester
  4. SOTU for PW–> planning on distributing through all our media/forums
  5. what is PW? fletcher found ideological treatise on website (on board wiki)
  6. ezra: we should draft statement, release statement before schmooze, put it on fb, website, email and invite people to schmooze so they can come talk about this treatise;
  7. #TODO ezra is going to start working on round 2 release of “what is PW?” which will include upfest info
  8. #TODO marty make facebook event for schmooze once we have decided date–> wednesday, february 10th
  9. #TODO raphae send it to morning mail
  10. #TODO (who?) (evan's suggestion) send information to all people who have been involved with a pw show
  11. table slipping!!! let's do it!!!!!
  12. facebook messages on pw page go unanswered for months–> answer them!!!! click on messages–they won't show up as notifications
  13. pw email–> hadn't been opened since november 5th–> is this a job? #TODO becca, check email!
  14. new password for email: wouldn't you like to know.


  1. don't see anythinnnnnnggg! looks good!
  2. heat wasn't working! but is now!
  3. antigonick loves crack on the wall!!! beauty in flaws!


  1. kathy doing a great job advertising auditions
  2. ada is not EPing, #TODO FLETCHER AND ANDREW will ep
  3. #TODO fletcher and andrew reach out to kathy


  1. for new people; freshmen who are scared, midyear transfers; open communications thang; update people on where we are–> make announcement about upfest


  1. we decided they would be lotteried off! sorry fletch, you must retire your sunday priest robes.
  2. apply to pw lottery! market sunday shows as the pw lottery; liz wants to do it/ so does charlotte senders
  3. #TODO liz (who has a cool idea) must get back to fletcher by sunday
  4. #TODO fletcher create lottery for open days


  • Badmaash: needs to borrow two bamboo sticks, bow and arrow, and spears from the props closet for show in february; need to get in touch with kathy
    • #TODO Andrew or Fletcher
  • Does Badmaash want to perform in the upspace? email them
    • #TODO upspace squad
  • we have the rights to flick and black comedy!
  • request for sam: announce the flick–> sam can speak about it freely!
  • #TODO evan do silver box
  • luke will release designer handbook!!!
  • luke will fix box office computer–>gonna wipe the hard drive but will save important documents
  • devon put up pictures from a long time ago–>
    • EP's should put up pictures? collecting the pictures is always a difficult job–> EP's should get the photos;
  • luke: updating past shows page, almost done, need marat/sade and 11/a program
  • #TODO becca and cameron go over show packet with jason
  • marty and raphae are almost done writing pwaq
  • upspace archive crew (U.CRU) : marty, luke, ezra,
  • fletcher figured out how to put minutes on website; writing minutes directly on website–> send out after
  • private board wizards? when?
  • #TODO marty register event, valentine's day party?!?!?! register event? LINCOLN IN LOVE! JOHN WILKES KISSING BOOTH.
  • NEW JOB: official sitter-nexter-to, someone who sits and waits next to person who updates the website!!!! AND smooches them.
  • #TODO S & B also everyone, find out S & B meeting swap-in–> go to meetings
  • fridge unplugged in BO–> filled with water yum yum, andrew cleaning tomorrow
  • #TODO evan, get ur fridge and microwave out of DR2 plzzzz
  • #TODO raphae trying to figure out which chalkboard calendar we should get for the door
  • joie wants to meet with three to five of us next week to talk about – #TODO Everyone fill out when-to-meet for meeting with joie as much as you can–> #TODO ezra bump the email–> going to be after next sundays meeting
  • liz coming back to board WAHOOOOO!!!!
  • #TODO evan jason asked if we can change silver boX “antigonick by sophocles translated by anne carson”


  1. tallgrass gothic, audition and TD
  2. see antigonick!
  3. wizards coming soon, link website
  4. do we want to put the sweatshirt in the email?
  5. twits–> let's make it part of our season announcement
  6. welcome back
  7. marielle's upspace show
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