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Meeting Minutes, Jan. 31st, 2016

SOTU: A sunny day again! What a day to dream and to make merry! The air is fresh and full of bloomin' FROSTY dandelions. Jenny is here, and has only grown more lovely with age and absence. Marty grins to himself in the corner, softly humming 'Dance, Magic, Dance.' Cameron dances 'round like a young Megan Fox.

HERE: Marty; Andrew, Devon, Luke, Liesl, Becca, Evan, Fletcher, Ada, Jamie (visiting), Raphae, Jenny (visiting), Josh, Jonathan (visiting), Cameron, Ezra, Becca (visiting, Johnathan (visiting), Jenn, Crystal (visiting, S & B rep), Kieran (harmo rep)

THORNS: my head and my heart; broke my face on the ground; ear infection; reading and classes really kicked in; connie won't respond to me; the future and after school is done i dont want to think about that; some people are really slimy and don't do that, i always have something wrong that i am sick with; waiting and then feeling disappointed about it; you feel a little old when you come back; i am super anxious for this interview i have this week and it feels really high stakes; anxiety about classes, sorry fletch; super homesick for leon; everytime i see a dog, i want a dog so badly that it hurts; all i want to do is sit in bed and watch hulu; there's something being passed around TAPs department and i'm sick; i'm sick too

ROSES/IRMAS: david bowie party was transcendent; ran into people at tallulahs; dancing on upspace floor in nothing but capris and denim vest; getting things figured out; being sick people together; called in for midsummer tonight; doing 23 hours of wonderful class per week; bob millstein “i sent you an article about infinite jest”; folk concert in east greenwich; i did something this weekend that was really hard for me and i'm proud of myself; despite disappointment, finding moments of transcendence in the upspace; so nice to visit everything that i missed and to have so many faces to all the names; trader joes, just like wowowowow; went for walk in a park with fam and fletch and poochies; gonna take antibiotics with donuts, had non-theatre world, theatre world moment colliding moment; my girlfriend visiting and she's great i love her; i babysit four different families and they all have dogs; my favorite sixth grader is dating my least favorite sixth grader; last week was my upspace week; bowie week, at first a disappoint me and then last night was a dance party and it was like a dream come true; came ten minutes late to tech but it's okay because they're still finishing up dry tech; jennnnnnyyyy!


  1. wet-teching today
  2. plats on tuesday @ 11
  3. we have showtimes!
  4. jamie needs a partner for eventbryte; #TODO raphae
  5. tech schedule so we know when runs are happening
  6. HM speech: in the lobby, audience outside–> we have to figure this out/ speak with jason to figure out how we can do this in an orderly way
  7. #TODO josh schedule safety walk-through
  8. white paint on lobby floors needs to get cleaned
  9. HM's:
    1. friday 8pm: fletcher and marty
    2. saturday 8pm: devon and liesl
    3. sunday 2: ezra and jenn
    4. sunday 8: becca and luke
    5. monday 8: cameron and evan


  1. cast list!!!
  2. we still need a TD–andrew and luke can build a staircase!
  3. zach s. send send prelimary ideas to josh
  4. johnathan should give warning about strike
  5. tallgrass comes to strike, not TWITS, which will be next monday at around 1:00pm


  1. important dates:
    1. march 1st-5th: lottery!!!
    2. march 15th-24th: upfest
    3. april 12-14: polerbear
    4. may 3-7: NITUS
    5. jason's this week
    6. kathy's after that
  2. do lights have to be struck after each show?!?! NOOOO!! let's change that in the contract.


  1. when2meet to discuss who we are each going to email


  1. lottery! (i actually am not sure if anything of import was said regarding sunday shows, if so, let me and da board know!)


  1. cast is fucking awesome
  2. need a lot of positions filled-light designer, TD (might not be super important, might be similar to props designer), (jake kuhn, PM should come to meetings) props and costume designer
  3. #TODO fletcher and andrew clarify what jobs are needed to be filled
  4. #TODO becca email andrew names of freshman (anuvi, peter bowden, emmett)
  5. #TODO evan, send RISD freshman emails to see if they're interested
  6. #TODO everyone, if you have an idea for any of these positions, reach out
  7. #TODO becca and andrew, gonna go to TA3 to look for people;

should come to schmooze, advertise jobs to babies!!!!


  1. track grants on budget spreadsheet! jenny made it!
  2. #TODO andrew make budget spreadsheet
  3. FINALLY ada talked to caleb ( “we are amenable to your request” ;)) after -submitting info!! going to UFB meeting on tuesday;
  4. ezra and ada going to ask for $21,000, if they say no, going to try to persuade further, if they are immovable, we will ask for $15,000 and we will pay the rest.
  5. PO days/reimbursement days: monday, wednesday, friday (LET'S PUT THIS)
  6. #TODO andrew explain PO's to becca
  7. #TODO becca fix showpacket
  8. #TODO ada harass austin for sewing things? AND MARQUIS
  9. #TODO we have to get austin to drill in da marquis!!!! this semester!


  1. open jar: marty will apply to open jar, fletcher made posters for new works
  2. new works: charlotte got $80, marielle might apply for new works; has gotten a new application (raphae, who?)
  3. #TODO ada can talk money, having done reimbursements
  4. #TODO evan + ada, get reimbursements for supersecret


  1. #TODO josh needs to do safety walk through
  2. can't just hide flammable set pieces/ call them props
  3. flamex is NOT ALLOWED!!!!!! should be in perfomance safety contract, should be in show packet!


  1. microphones are broken–we should buy one. ask for money this year.
  2. use paint scraper, water and a little paint thinner to clean white paint off floor. kathy is doing this tonight.
  3. #TODO bring in upspace soundboard cable
  4. #TODO luke talk to antigonick about painting
  5. #TODO fletch, marty becca research microphones!
    1. this is a good mic for $100.
  6. #TODO Evan update upspace silver box


  1. schmooze on wednesday at 11:30pm
    1. MEETING STREET COOOOOOKIIIESS, no alcohol BUT MILK! at schmooze.
  1. schmooze:
    1. set up: raphae, marty, becca
    2. clean up: devon, fletcher
    3. #marty make fb event today
    4. should we make event before we release state of pw? YES! midyear welcome back, NEW FOLKS! welcome myt!
  2. #TODO send becca, i need email list to add to pw list
    1. fuck YEAH FREE PIZZAAA! secret perk
    2. decoration committee: ada, raphae
    3. drinks: marty for mixers
    4. set up: raphae, ada
    5. we can start setting up at 9:30pm!
    6. clean up: ezra is the captain
    7. andrew got liquor license. he's a king. of the hill.
  1. wizards: fletcher made schedule, luke is a king wizard, andrew will shop train
  2. next week let's do board wizards! thursday (2/18) at 11pm. PARTY!!!


  • tallgrass–jobs
  • lincoln in love
  • schmooze
  • antigonick
  • TWITs-jobs
  • sweatshirts
  • if you wanna help plats!!!


  1. MF meeting: we are PW guests, but we will make it clear that it is their meeting, discussion about how we want to move forward
    1. listen to their grievances in alumni commons
    2. some of us really love this tradition (insult exchangin') but we can we continue it? are there boundaries we can create?
    3. if they want to make ground rules; we should just talk about going forward, not about what happened;
  2. we keep opening fire exit doors, just keep them closed
  3. keep mattresses in DR2
  4. #TODO everyone who is not party trained, party train urself
  5. #TODO becca get list from activities fair from devon and raphae and put becca sr. on the list!
  1. ALUMNI BOARD WIZARDS: sam kuznetz wants to do board wizards
  2. andrew and jenny could do board wizards during senior week
  3. #TODO devon you will coordinate alumni wizards
  4. PW members order sweatshirts
  5. Ada and Ezra writing SOTPW, will send out tonight to board– #TODO everyone email their feedback in
  7. calendar: found great calendar details; Ulysses has been returned after activities fair sleepover
  8. PWAQ????
  9. we all need a reminder that we can't leave meetings early or come late! a nice friendly reminder.
  10. let's talk about leavetaking!!
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