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Meeting Minutes, Feb.28th, 2016

HERE: Liz, Devon, Becca, Luke, Liesl, Marty, Ezra, Jake (visiting), Paulina, Evan, Raphae, Matt (visiting), John (visiting)

THORNS: i've been a lazy fuck; no thorn!; stress and procrastination; trying to do things which involve significant involvement on my part which i don't want to give; don;t know what i'm doing this summer; lots of little stressors; soy yogurt and it was not good; feeling like trash can; having a ton of work and being delusional about that and people say weird things; need to figure out how to put up a site in the downspace; trying to stay in contact with friends in other countries; the stars are crossed so i'm a little nervous and i hope nothing goes up in; 1,800 miles

ROSES/IRMAS: kim nir is en route to prov; moments when the universe is like, i know exactly what you need and orchaestrates a series of events to make it happen, re-downloaded tinder and it's hilarious; i saw raphae and a dog ran by; two medium pizzas for $5.99 each t 1AM; lots of good food; going to be bolt leader next year; went to lecture in german and i understood everything professor said; i am a blessed trash can, i live a blessed life; cuddling and lots of it; i've got this lovely muffin and my mom sent me a picture of my puppy; my friend showed me a movie called adventures of foodboy; donuts which i will release now and my friends are the bestest friends in the world and i love them; escape the broom; berit james neath; liz is always there and jenn is happy for her;


  • opened this weekend!! it's amazing! l
  • buzzing noise in the oopspace is perpetual. it kinda works aesthetically.
  • will taiko be drumming during tonight's performance? marty has reached out.
  • lights can be left in the space!
  • #TODO luke talk to matt to clarify
  • strike:
    • luke: lights and cable
    • liesl: paint and lights
    • marty: lead
    • ezra: will be late, furniture
    • evan: will be at rehearsal until 11, paint
    • raphae: paint
    • becca: costumes and clean all the upspace stuff
    • fletcher: booths
    • ada: props
  • #TODO signatories, get receipts from Jake for reimbursements
  • Strike: monday @ 9:30pm


  • in the process of hanging lights
  • design run on wednesday at 9pm
  • Matt: in space this afternoon 12-6, mwf 3-7pm, #TODO becca send out in email
  • #TODO EP'S make sure tallgrass has all keys
  • #TODO devon and luke pick day for showpacket meeting
  • #TODO EP's figure out if tallgrass can accomodate marcus' show


  • cool week organized by luke and evan–looks amazing!!! so many workshops!!
    • there should be one board member at each one of them
    • #TODO luke assign monitors
  • saturday–interdisciplinary arts workshop–evan reached out to people outside of pw community, these will be leaders to guide non-stop experimentation-push this as a culminating event where everyone is encouraged to come and play
  • what do we need for materials?
  • #TODO luke and evan apply to new works
  • evan meeting with NITUS tomorrow–addressing possibility of training students to be security rather than having a security team.


  • #TODO becca send the board the spreadsheet with the groups
  • get schedule solidified by next sunday
  • #TODO upsquad re-reach out to groups TODAY (2/28)


  • scheduled, #TODO marty and liesl are EPing
  • apps due march 21st, we'll have the week before spring break to read them and decide before spring break so people can find their teams
  • reach out to NON-theatre people!!!! gather material from upfest.


  • on evan's moms birthay party
  • #TODO ada reach out to the flick and confirm that we can have pwom

either friday 4/8 or saturday 4/9

  • #TODO ada and becca (EP's) reach out about showtimes


  • need to make sure we have paid for rights for antigonick, we sent them the registration form, rights people haven't responded
  • PO days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • #TODO luke get stuff from high output
  • #TODO devon needs to get reimbursed
  • budget spreadsheet online! thanks andrew!!


  • open jar: david bowie week, #TODO let's meet and chat open jar team
  • new works: nothing changed, expecting app from performance week
  • #TODO luke reach out to marielle


  • we r Marshall (safe)
  • ladder issue for tallgrass is gud
  • tallgrass is using fogger and hazer–warning to audience!


  • in morning mail, in connie's listserv
  • apps are due wednesday march 16th, decision meeting
  • #TODO ada update website for new mems info
  • let's rely on avenues than facebook–only our friends will apply
  • #TODO everyone, write in jenn maley's document about new places to advertise
  • buddy updates:
    • becca-marielle, waiting to hear
    • liesl-duncan, waiting to hear
    • marty-matt, met, went well
    • ezra-polina, in email exchange, meeting today at four
    • jenn-ivanna– update?


  • make sure you uncrash doors when you crash them for performance!
  • #TODO luke, we need a new allen wrench set, they are not the right size and so its super annoying to crash the door–get it at adler's?


  • can we print posters for free, #TODO josh?
  • postering locations?
  • push performance craft week!
  • put meeting times on facebook-whenever we change meeting time!! facebook is good!
  • public calendar should be updated.
  • #TODO becca, write TBD for meeting times if they are not determined.


  • performance craft
  • schmooze
  • new mems
  • wits applications
  • hanging lights
  • upfest
  • twits
  • get pumped for tallgrass
  • strike


  • andrew: could someone put guard on table saw
  • jenn will bring advertising info to meeting next
  • #TODO fletcher put alum wizards on agenda
  • how can we make students donate to karma?
  • say where karma actually goes! say something specifically to students?
  • we make it seem insignificant sometimes–>we're trying to pull a bernie and crowd-fund dis shit
  • #TODO board members, check in with furniture, ezra, if they want to modify furniture
  • anything you can do to furniture, with the exception of chopping in half, you can undo. people should be able to alter furniture, but they should ask before.
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