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Meeting Minutes, Feb.14th, 2016

HERE: Ada, Raphae, Liz, Liesl, Andrew, Fletch, Becca, Cameron, Jake (visiting) Jenn, Marty (late), Devon (late), Josh (late)

THORNS: being perplexed; procrastination; i live in this crazy perpetual state of mixed messages and it's never going to change and i'm so over it; boy oh boy do i have a lot of reading to do and i've done so much, 'tis a treadmill; i don't know; met phil and danny on thayer and bought him a nutritious juice, but then it just made me feel very sad; overwhelmed with amazing creative projects; too much, too much, too much! can't stop doing too much and probably always will; tough to leave a break; being let down by people and not having the courage to do anything about it; virtual realities aren't real realities; pizza; not an ice cream cake; delayed gratification

ROSES/IRMAS: antiquing with bro; signed new people into the team; applied to first job; i love my costume for midsummer; i don't know; soren kierkegaard, lot over content overlap so i blow my profs fucking minds on my papers by using shit from my other classes; took all my friends home and had a fantastic weekend; flying to houston this weekend to see my brother in a musical in a surprise fashion; had awesome brooklyn weekend and saw hunchback of seville; had good conversation about PW; luke's bringing ice cream; took off the past two days, D BO came from new york and she's cool, i started smoking weed for the first time in two months; first time josh came home in months to get weed stuff; facing fears


  1. going well!!
  2. had tech this weekend–still finishing up painting
  3. tix on sale wednesday nite–#TODO raphae help with eventbryte
  4. #TODO raphae teach board about eventbryte
  5. got money for new works grant!!!
  6. need a menu!!! steal it from a chain!!!
  7. EPs should be thinking about taiko!!!! reach out to them and make sure they are not having rehearsals during performances. we ask the show folks to reach out to taiko.
  8. #TODO board come to design runs all this week at 9pm
  9. #TODO board plats tomorrow at 11pm
  10. #TODO fletcher send email reminding about plats
  11. HM's:
    1. friday 8pm: devon and luke
    2. saturday 8pm: ada and jenn
    3. sunday 2pm: raphae and liz
    4. sunday 7pm: becca and marty
    5. monday 8pm: fletcher and andrew


  1. #TODO becca, put light hang and paint schedules in email,
  2. #TODO becca forward this email to ada
  3. mattress on set? mattresses are fine, if they are dorm mattresses!!! if they don't want to use dorm mattresses…
  4. put sheets on platform, make it look like a bed.
  5. can blankets be a problem? yes. buy flame resistant blankets? meh!!!! flamex sheets? body coming into contact with toxins–LEAST DETRIMENTAL options is to just use sheets on the bed.
  6. ladder discussion–can't go up to grid.
  7. EPs talked to about rehearsing in space during TWITS performance, not going to do it!!


  1. give francis bogan upspace!!! march 1st-5th–this did not end up working
  2. #TODO Ada tell evan
  3. #TODO luke, schedule wizards week. let's do wizards week! teaching people how to do things week!

IDEA: INVITE BURP?! cookies and snuggle party with everyone who is in a show this week.


  1. #TODO cameron reach out to skorts
  2. email the groups again, make deadline by which we need to have performers/performances set.
  3. who can do tech for this? the person who is HMing will set up tech for this.
  4. leave TWITS lights up
  5. #TODO everyone fill out responses


  1. sunday shows lumped into upfest!!


  1. we need to talk about WITS.
  2. #TODO fletch add WITS to agenda, we gotta talk about what we're gonna do for this decision meeting after new mems


  1. #TODO ada talk to devon about plats, who talked to austin last semester
  2. #TODO andrew, upload budget spreadsheet,
  3. #TODO ada, help austin out with filling out fall information
  4. devon: dude makes plats for department, can do it for less than $20,000–gave us money for specific line item–NOT GOING TO DO IT. IF SOMEONE wants to look into this, they can, but if not, let's keep to our plan. NOT GONNA DO IT.


  1. open jar: …
  2. new works: TWITS got $150,


  1. safe–a little concerned about ladder going up to grid
  2. ten foot practical ladder against barn connected to decorative? andrew's choice!


  1. new mems is now scheduled for march 19th!
  2. start meeting at 8am and seniors/gala people will leave early!
  3. first event for new board members will be week before spring break
  4. #TODO jenn book room for this!
  5. #TODO jenn bring in comments on new mems
  6. have a pre-meeting to talk about what we're going to talk about going into our new mems conversation
  7. we need to have specific recruiting tactics for new mems,
  8. #TODO jenn, make spreadsheet to put recruiting information, everyone sign up to reach out to 2-3 people, not everyone will have to do this and people should reach out to people they have relationships with
  9. read only your own buddies apps? not helping others with their applications?
  10. standardizing what advice we are giving buddies.
  11. we need to be responsible for ourselves, know if we are being good buddies or not–everyone gets a buddy and a second reader
  12. people who aren't as eager to be buddies sign up at second readers!
  13. #TODO jenn make facebook event for new mems
  14. schmooze will be on march 2nd
  15. we need to start reaching out to people this week!
  16. #TODO raphae, put our schmooze in morning mail
  17. #TODO everyone, mention in HM speech that we are accepting new member applications


  1. how are we going to dispose of plats we aren't going to use in the upspace?
  2. reach out to departments at RISD who might want to materials–soooon
  3. #TODO liesl reach out to bugs and BOP about plats, do they want 'em?
  4. save one plat and vandalize the fuck out of it– #TODO raphae, make spreadsheet to organize plat repurposing


  1. responses in doc! yay!
  2. putting statement in BDH
  3. PWOM will be in april, either april, 8th, 9th
  4. new mems schmooze on march 2nd–EPs check in with shows


  • schmooze
  • twits
  • tallgrass–light hangs
  • Luke's week in upspace
  • feedback form
  • upfest–do you want to perform?


  1. grants system
  2. HARVARDDDD!!!! got a fucking grant to go visit another school's student-run theatre organization—they want advice from us about how to co-exist with/without theatre department
  3. #TODO cameron figure out scheduling with harvard friends
  4. #TODO devon meeting with alumnus to talk about doing alum, becca go with devon to talk to this cool laday
  5. margaret mauer sent cool race and power workshop idea–more info forthcoming
  6. #TODO luke- loaning fog machine to impulse, will be used in alumni hall, luke will tell them that we are not liable and show them how to use it
  7. luke set up system so that you can hear upspace while you are in the upspace booth!!!!! THANK YOU LUKE!!!
  8. luke figured out how to fix space monitor in dr2!!?!?!?!? amazing!
  9. #TODO evan get in touch w/ NITUS people in touch with joie steele
  10. ada going to start moving library stuff into hallway benches!!!
  11. liz, start brainstorming ways about how to make this first event for new board members the craziest one ever!!!
  12. #TODO raphae should teach eventbryte–MAKE GUIDE for eventbryte.
  13. #TODO everyone, jenn made feedback form, respond to it and put your name next to the ones you've reviewed
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